NBA MVP: Chris Bosh?

Matt StephensCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2008

Victoria, Canada's Steve Nash won two MVP trophies because of what his team did when he was injured.

Chris Bosh will most likely never win the MVP. He lives in an outpost for media attention playing for the Toronto Raptors. Car salesman aside, Bosh has been almost invisible outside of Canada for his entire career. He is viewed as a solid, upper tier power forward in the league. He just isn't flashy.

He also hasn't led his team deep in the playoffs. The 2003 draft has been hyped as the deepest draft in NBA history, with Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade. Those three have all gotten their accolades and praises. James and Wade have both led their teams to the NBA finals, with Wade bringing home the hardware. Meanwhile, Anthony hasn't been deep in the playoffs, but he has been to the playoffs every year he has played.

Last year was Bosh's first taste of the playoffs. 

Bringing us back to this year, we have seen the value that Bosh has to Raptors. Earlier this month, Bosh returned from a ten game absence due to a sore right knee. During that time, his team went 2-8 (.200). With Bosh, the team had been playing 33-26 (.559) and were in fourth place in the weak Eastern Conference.

They now sit sixth.

In 2005 and in 2006, Steve Nash won the NBA MVP because of how his team faltered without him as much as he won it because of what he did. Nash won those MVPs because he came to a backwater NBA town (the Suns had been perennial losers for a while) and instantly changed the team. People saw this drastic change and handed Nash back-to-back MVPs.

With Bosh, he has grown with the team, so people don't see that drastic change. However, the entire Raptors organization knows how valuable CB4 really is. It's a shame the rest of the league will never get it.

Onions, baby, onions.