Brendan Langley: How Georgia Was Able to Flip 4-Star CB from South Carolina

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIINovember 20, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

4-star cornerback Brendan Langley has flipped his commitment from the South Carolina Gamecocks to the Georgia Bulldogs, and while this is a big steal for Mark Richt and his recruiting staff, how exactly were they able to pull it off?

Sometimes flexibility is the key in recruiting, and in the case of the Bulldogs, it appears as if they were able to steal Langley away from their rivals because they were willing to be open about the sport of basketball as well, according to Kipp Adams of

A month after he committed to South Carolina, Georgia was able to get Langley on campus two weeks in a row, where two different coaching staffs let him know he would have a chance to play in Athens. Head basketball coach Mark Fox informed Langley that he would have an opportunity to contribute to the hoops team as well, something the Gamecocks did not discuss seriously.

"I recently de-committed from South Carolina and committed to Georgia," Langley said. "It was for a multitude of reasons. One of the biggest ones was having a chance to play multiple sports. I do not really feel South Carolina was interested in that, while Coach (Mark) Fox talks to me on a weekly basis.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to multi-sport athletes. One way to look at it is that football is essentially a full-time job and it's a year-round commitment. By participating in another sport a football player would be taking himself away from the film-room, away from the weight room (for football purposes) and he could really injure himself.

The other side of the coin states that if a kid's an athlete, why not let him participate in another sport? First, football and basketball are in two different seasons. Second, the player will be working out with the other team, thus keeping in shape and finally, we all know that injuries can happen at anytime, anyplace.

Why not let the kid show some school spirit, play a sport he loves and enjoy his college experience?

That latter is the theory that Richt apparently prescribes to, and in the case of Langley, it seems to be the reason he decided to flip to Georgia.

Langley is 6'1'', 181 pounds according to ESPN Recruiting Nation, so he has great size for a corner, and he becomes the seventh defensive back committed to Georgia's 2013 class.

Depth in the secondary is integral, so this was a very important steal.

The way Richt handled this could also pay dividends in the future as well, because he could point to Langley as an example of a recruit that he felt could play two sports, and that in-turn could help recruit more elite two-sport recruits in the future.

It's a win-win, win for Georgia.

The football team gets another good defensive back recruit, the basketball team gets a potential player and in the process, Richt was able to steal a recruit away from Steve Spurrier and South Carolina.

South Carolina's loss is Georgia's gain, and that's always a good thing in Athens.

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