Cincinnati Bearcats Need To Finish

Troy AlexanderContributor IMarch 19, 2009

This whole season, there has been high expectations for the Cincinnati Bearcats. They had a lot of young talent and great returning talent with Deonta Vaughn.

They start the season out 10-2, and everyone’s thinking they maybe can make the tournament. Then that’s when they turn like every other Cincinnati team when they lose four in a row.


After that, they were a win-two, lose-one type of ball club, putting them on top the bubble.


How did the team respond to the pressure of being on the bubble? They lost six of their last seven games. Judging that they did play Pitt, Louisville, Syracuse, and West Virginia, who are great teams they still bombed their last two chances by losing to Seton Hall and DePaul.


Losing in your conference tournament to the worst team in the conference doesn’t only guarantee you not to get in the big dance; it really diminishes your chances for the NIT.


Coach Mick Cronin said if they didn’t make the NIT they don’t want a tournament below that. After last year's embarrassing first round loss of the CBI, who could blame him. Nonetheless, the Bearcats are sitting on the couch looking a bracket that doesn’t have their name on it for the fourth year in a row.


Coach Cronin either needs to get his troops rallied or leave Cincinnati. He coached under Bob Huggins, but this is definitely not the same coaching style.


Cincinnati fans are sick of watching high hopeful teams lose win their still in the race. They need to give Cronin two more seasons and if no tournaments are happening, he needs to go.


The best thing around UC’s campuses are the football team now, let’s see how Cronin responds to that.


This is a very talented team, but this is college not high school the players need to pick up their game. Cronin needs to make it happen or take a hike.