WBC Update: Adam Dunn's Errors Prove Costly For USA, Advertising Costs Soar

Max Jet FanContributor IMarch 19, 2009

Davey Johnson, in a flash of genius, played future steroid aplogizer (just guessing) Adam Dunn at first base. To boost Dunn's confidence, he pumped him up saying, “We really don’t have a first baseman to go to, and that creates a problem. There are not really any good options.”

That's definitely inspiration if I ever heard it.

Dunn played the position with grace and beauty, committing two costly errors, one of which cost Team USA four runs and ultimately the meaningless victory.

Dunn wasn't done there, as he went on the commit one more error.

I personally didn't watch the epic event, as I was pre-occupied with things that actually matter, like watching Exterminators on A&E.

Johnson would much rather play Dunn in the outfield, especially since the Nationals told Davey not to play Dunn at first.

For the people that care, here is a brief description of Dunn's awe-inspiring play.

With runners at the corners in the second inning, Dunn charged a chopper and made a throw home that sailed 10 feet wide of the catcher. In all honesty, that is better than most could do.

On average, whenever I threw a baseball, I would get within 15 feet of the recipient. That's why these guys get the big bucksany throw within 10 feet or closer, and you could make millions.

Before the inning ended, Henry Blanco hit a two-run double and Miguel Cabrera and Jose Lopez each doubled home a run.

To be fair, Dunn hasn't been practicing at first and, up until now, has been playing well at the WBC, or so I am told.

With a arm like though, who needs practice?


WBC TV ads reaching Super Bowl-like costs

WBC in general has been generating more viewers than expected, but like the Super Bowl, many are tuning for it's commercials.

The price to advertise during any WBC game is closing in on the Super Bowl's record of $3 million for a one-minute ad. The latest report  said the cost for three minutes of advertising was a whopping $555 million.

Who could afford that?

One of the best so far was a commercial for a local landscaping company. As a joke, it looked like they filmed it on a home video camera and his children were the actors.

They dressed up as blades of grass and he gave them haircuts, insinuating how well he cuts grass. Those 1980's fade ins and outs were classic.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about because you must have seen it, with those advertising prices not just anyone could advertise for a national market.

I could be wrong, who knows.

Hopefully Team USA pulls it out in the end. Actually, it wouldn't bother me if they didn't because I'd much rather be watching the World Series where teams have their full lineups.