Why Sheamus' Style Could Lead to Physically Tougher Matches in WWE

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

Sheamus’ recent bouts with WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show have walked the line between rough and downright brutal.

Their last two encounters featured action not usually seen among the bigger men in the ring as of late.

Given his background, training and standing with the WWE, it’s easy to see why Sheamus' style could lead to physically tougher matches in the WWE.

Before coming to the WWE, Sheamus played Gaelic Football and Rugby. He trained at the Monster Factory, home of famous tough guys like King Kong Bundy, Kevin Von Erich and, yes, The Big Show.

WWE.com notes Sheamus is a wrestler who fights through pain and will take on anyone who steps in his path. In an interview on his official website, SOSofficial.com, Sheamus describes his style as a mix of power, technical moves and high-flying spots. 

He even states he’s adept at wrestling different styles, like U.S. or British.

One of the reasons his feud with Show has gone over so well has been the intensity of their bouts. At Hell in a Cell, the two brutalized each other; it took two KO Punches to put Sheamus away. Their match at Survivor Series ended with Sheamus pummeling Show with repeated chair shots.

In between, they have brawled in pubs and parking lots.

Sheamus’ style plays a big role in that intensity. As WWE.com points out, Sheamus is angry, and with anger has come a new brutality. 

The WWE is clearly behind Sheamus.

His lengthy run as world champion is proof of that. His power ranking for the week, as listed on WWE.com, has him at No. 2. He's listed just below Show and above Ryback, John Cena and CM Punk.

The fact that Sheamus is listed, power-wise, above the three men battling for the No.1 title in the WWE shows what an impact the man is having.

As more superstars step up to face him, those encounters are going to continue to get more physical as the WWE changes to meet Sheamus' more punishing style.