AJ Lee and the Great Khali: The Worst of Raw

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2012

AJ Lee and the Great Khali: The Worst of Raw

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    During WWE Raw Monday night, we were presented with a few questions:

    Why is Damien Sandow on a losing streak?

    Why does Sheamus have to wrestle on every WWE show?

    How many more times do we have to see Randy Orton defeat Alberto Del Rio?

    What exactly could Vickie have done about Cena's injury?

    Why can't Dolph Ziggler beat up a man whose busy making out with a girl?

    Anyway, there are probably no good answers to any of these questions, so we're only left to wonder.

    It was potentially a big night for Raw, as it was the followup to Survivor Series. It also would have been a good time for the company to have a hot show, but besides the last 10 minutes, it was mostly flat.

    Sure, Paul Heyman yelling for balloons was funny, but there were quite a few things that erased the good will the company had built up from the night before.

    Here are the worst five moments from the November 19  episode of Raw.

#5: R-Truth and Cesaro: Chapter 2

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    The R-Truth character is one of the least entertaining parts of WWE TV these days.

    Antonio Cesaro is a possible star in the making, but he's stuck with a lousy gimmick.

    At Survivor Series, Cesaro defeated R-Truth cleanly in a mediocre seven-minute match. That should have been the end of it right?

    Not so fast, it looks like this may only be the beginning.

    R-Truth sat in on commentary during Cesaro's match with Brodus Clay, which means that there's at least going to be another go-around.

    I'm not sure how many people were begging for a rematch, but we'll soon get one anyway.

    Let's hope that Little Jimmy doesn't come back for the sequel.

#4: The Miz vs. David Otunga

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    If Miz is a babyface now, what he needs is some dominant wins, not a six-minute back-and-forth match with David Otunga.

    Everyone beats Otunga, and they usually do it in a couple minutes.

    Miz would have been better off dominating a local jobber in 30 seconds than taking so long to finish off Otunga.

    The only thing that this match accomplished was taking up some TV time on a three-hour show.

    If WWE is going all in on a face run with Miz, they should get to it.

    There's something to be said for staying true to one's character, but fans aren't sure if they should fully get behind him or not.

    The only reason he seemingly turned was because he left Punk's team. That's not enough to erase years of being a jerk.

    There's a lot of potential here, but the turn so far isn't as much fun as it should have been.

#3: Great Khali Destroys Epico and Primo

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    Sure, it may take some teams close to 10 minutes to defeat Epico and Primo, but The Great Khali only needs one.

    So if he can beat them faster than every other tag team can, then he should probably be the tag team champion.

    If WWE is so thrilled with him winning this handicap match, then why not just build the entire division around him? They could save money by not having to find him a partner, and then they could at least just admit they don't care about the division anymore.

    With so few tag teams in the entire company, was there a real point in the two jobbing to Khali?

    Handicapped matches just make the losing team look incredibly weak, so I'd argue that they should rarely ever be done.

    What made matters worse is that when Khali won the match, the announcers just seemed to think it was a foregone conclusion.

    The crowd also wasn't into Khali's act either, and didn't pop for any of his offense.

    If handicapped matches are going to be done, they can at least try to make them seem like a big deal when the man at a disadvantage wins.

    Instead, the whole segment was a joke, but it wasn't funny.

#2: Rosa and Hornswoggle

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    That's right, even though this happened during The Great Khali vs. Epico and Primo match, this moment deserves its own slide.

    Am I missing something? What was the set up for Rosa and Hornswoggle? And spraying water in her face from some flowers? Is that still supposed to be funny?

    This kind of "entertainment" just doesn't belong on the same show as Ambrose, Reigns and Tyler Black making their first television appearance, or on the same show that CM Punk celebrated his one-year title reign.

    What makes "comedy" like this even more grating is how the announcers laugh so hysterically at it.

    Apparently, if they've never seen that flower gag before, then they've never seen a silent film or a children's cartoon in their life.

#1: AJ and Cena Together at Last

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    Tonight we saw the pairing of two wrestlers that no one wanted to see together, but WWE decided to to give it to us anyway.

    After weeks of wasting the time of millions of fans around the world, WWE had John Cena and AJ make out on live TV.

    It was kind of gross, but more importantly it was a mistake.

    The entire story has been pointless, as AJ was no longer in a power position within the company. They were two consenting adults, so even if something had happened between them, it shouldn’t have mattered.

    But the idiocy of the past few weeks isn’t the only thing wrong with this.

    AJ started to become popular during the Daniel Bryan/CM Punk/Kane story line, but then also lost a lot of that popularity during her run as the GM of Raw.

    It was time to get her back on track. It was time to go back to being crazy!

    Instead, she’s been involved in a terrible feud with Vickie that most likely won’t end in a match between the two.

    WWE has now taken another turn with her, and paired her with WWE's poster boy John Cena. The company could potentially now alienate the remaining AJ Lee fans, as it's doubtful that her male fans would want to see her with Cena.

    So why put them together?

    There’s no denying that a lot of women also love Cena, but do they really want to see him in a relationship either?

    Wouldn’t they rather be fantasizing about him, and at least be able to pretend they have a chance with him instead?

    Cena's other big fan group is children, and it's doubtful that there are many eight- to 12-year-olds out there who were desperately hoping that Cena and AJ would get together.

    WWE just doesn't have a great history with top faces in a relationship storyline (with the exception of Randy Savage) to give any hope that this will become compelling television.

    The Rock and Trish Stratus love story was quickly abandoned, Angle and Stephanie didn't have a satisfying conclusion, Sara wasn't a great addition to Undertaker's act, and Austin never had an on-air love interest while he was a face (as a heel he was aligned with Debra).

    WWE may love their soap opera story lines, but I don't see this one ending well. It seems there are much easier ways to get to Ziggler vs. Cena without all of these distractions.

    That's all for this week. Agree? Disagree? Did anything else on the show annoy you? Sound off below!