WWE Survivor Series 2012: 7 Reasons the Main Event Was Booked Perfectly

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WWE Survivor Series 2012: 7 Reasons the Main Event Was Booked Perfectly
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With booking Ryback into the WWE Championship picture, WWE creative had seemingly backed themselves into a corner last night in Indianapolis.

On the one hand, CM Punk is doing a fantastic job as WWE Champion, and there's no good reason (in my opinion, and many other WWE fans' opinions) for the Second City Saint to drop the title just yet.

This will likely be the defining title reign in CM Punk's legacy, a turning point in his illustrious career. To have it end prematurely would be a disservice to CM Punk and the legions of fans who have been on board for the last year or longer.

On the other hand, Ryback is one of the rare WWE products that a large portion of the fans have embraced and fully support. But without his seemingly unstoppable need to feed, his ability to destroy every opponent he's faced, having Punk go over cleanly would eliminate all credibility Ryback has earned in his short tenure thus far.

Throw in Super Cena, who has previously endorsed Ryback and is on a mission to end Punk's reign, and you've got quite the conundrum.

To make matters worse, WWE has had to come up with questionable endings for the last two pay-per-views already.

They can't end the match with an indecision or draw as they did at Night of Champions, nor can they end it with a referee screwjob like they did at Hell in a Cell, which by the way,  would also be not that dissimilar from the infamous ending to the Survivor Series 1997 main event in Montreal.

But I must say, what they came up with, given the circumstances, was about as good as you could have asked for. Allow me to provide seven reasons that I think demonstrate that WWE booked this match perfectly.

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