MLB Records Not To Be Broken

MikeContributor IMarch 19, 2009

I read an article about MLB records recently and most of them are great but a lot were not even close to attainable today—records like wins per season. You can't compare an average pitcher from 1880 to a great pitcher from 1980...pitchers back in the day were getting 30 wins a year, nowadays a good pitcher gets 30 starts a year.

I'm trying to base career records for players staying for 10 years min. And not from the days when pitchers started 40+games (technically the No. 10 all-time leader in W/Season has more wins than pitchers get starts now).

So here's my list of possible attainable but won't be broken MLB records:


1) Ty Cobb .367 career batting avg. This one most likely won't happen only because Cobb hit over .389 five times and it is rare for a player to hit over .370 now even one year much less enough over a 10-year span.


2) Pete Rose 4256 hits. A possible goal, but it would take a guy making it to the show young like Griffey Jr. or A-Rod and staying healthy, being consistently in the 200 hits/year range for 20ish years. Not very likely.


3) Barry Bonds 73 Hr. Ok, maybe this isn't fair, now that the "roids era" is seemingly over, so I'll tie it into Maris' 61. I don't see anyone hitting more than 58 anytime soon.


4) Ted Williams .406 avg. In '41, Williams was a pure hitter, and although there have been other players flirting with .400 since then, I don't think we'll see another .400 hitter. (Yes, I know this isn't an actual record, but...)


5) Rickey Henderson 130 SB. Seemingly unreachable, but possible there are a few guys that could do this if given the opportunity (Crawford, Ellsbury, Taveras, etc).


6) Nolan Ryan 5714 K's. That's 285 K's/yr over 20 years. There will only be one Nolan Ryan.


7) Ichiro Suzuki 262 Hits. Ichiro broke a seemingly unbreakable record, so who knows, but 262 hits? I don't see that.

The last three are normally milestones that make players instant HoFers


8) 300 wins. After Randy Johnson this year, I don't see another 300 game winner for another 10 years (if they can go that long). Pitchers aren't what they used to be, there are no more Seavers, Ryans, and Perrys, who can go for 20+ years.

Now we're going to more Pedro Martinez type guys that go five to 10 dominant years(150-200 wins) then just kinda fade away.


9) 3,000 hits,probably the most attainable on this list...170H/Yr over 18-20 yrs. is possible for any decent player.


10) Career HR total,like to think nobody's catching Bonds but the semi-tainted A-Rod is right on his heels and after him Pujols isn't even 30 and he has 320 without Roids (hope we don't find out he did them in another five years, but that's for a whole different article).


Any other possible but unprobable records or milestones I missed? I don't want to hear about Cy Young and his 511 wins. Lucky if anyone gets 250-300 now. I'm talking possible now.