How To Bowl: Normal Leg-Spinner

Goutham BabuCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2009

This is the first installment of my "How To Bowl" series. Today I am going to teach you how to bowl a leg-spinner. It is one of the toughest bowling arts to perfect. The leg-spinner's arsenal contains various deliveries, which will be published in my "How To Bowl" series in the following days.


The leg break or leg spin delivery is where the ball spins away from the leg side. This is the basic principle of leg spin.

To bowl a leg break, the ball should be placed in the palm of the hands or in the fingers. The seam should run across the fingers. The thumb rests on the ball and does not do anything. There is a much stronger wrist action needed with this delivery than the more gentle off spin delivery.


When bowling the ball, the wrist should roll over so the ball is released from the front of the hand. When rolling the wrists, the fingers should roll across the ball as well, providing extra spin for the ball to turn once it pitches. It must be ensured that ball is resting between the bent third finger and the thumb when bowling.

When you release the ball straighten your fingers, thus much of the work will be done by the third finger in turning the ball anti-clockwise. Also, flick your wrist and rip the ball with the thumb and finger.


You can also improvise the delivery by varying the line and length, amount of flight on the ball, changing the speed, etc.

By following these steps, and with ample practice, you can excel at this effective bowling art. While bowling, always remember these steps to avoid mistakes.

There you go! Have fun!

See you next time for my second installment, "How To Bowl: Googly."