WBC Needs To Change

MikeContributor IMarch 19, 2009

First off, I'll say I might not be the most impartial person as far as this is concerned but...

I do like the idea of the whole WBC tournament, though I never watched a single game. The idea is great. My problem is this...As little as I've paid attention, there seems to be a lot of injuries to some "big name" players: Chipper Jones (Mr. Atlanta Braves), Kevin Youkilis (YOUUUUK!!!!), and maybe most important to "Red Sox Nation," the reigning MVP and scrappy "all out dirtiest Dirt Dawg" Dustin Pedroia.

I'll put it my way. When I think MVP,I think of the guy that really made a difference on his team. Pedroia may have put the Sox in the playoffs last year, unlike someone like, say Josh Hamilton.

He had a great year and put on quite a show at the Home Run Derby, but the Rangers would have finished 20 games behind the Angels with or without him.

From what has been reported so far Youk and Pedroia will be ready to go for opening day, but what would happen if there was a "freak" injury to a big star: Pedroia, Jeter, Hamels..etc.

Kinda like last year what happened to the Yankees with Wang in an interleague game (I think that had a lot to do with them missing the playoffs).

And Bartolo Colon, no Cy Young but the Sox had a GREAT No. 5 until he was in an interleague game and tried his hardest to hit a 900' home run and that ended up being his last game of the year (beware White Sox, don't let him attempt to hit).

So in a roundabouts way, the WBC should be a single-elimination tournament during the winter when players aren't being taken away from spring training (how could Capt. Jeter not be in the Yankee camp with three new big players).

Maybe do it December/January so the guys can rest a little after the season but still have time be ready to go for the teams that pay million per year for them.

On another note, I see contracts having stipulations in them about players not playing in the WBC, or if they get injured playing them their contract get prorated in some way for missed time.