Why Randy Orton's Heel Turn Should Have Taken Place at Survivor Series

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistNovember 19, 2012

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

He hears voices in his head.

Maybe those voices need to tell the management of the WWE that Randy Orton is fighting for the wrong side.

The WWE Universe has been holding its collective breath anxiously awaiting a heel turn for the Viper, and it would sincerely be a fantastic move for the company to build upon the already established entity as a force going forward.

Orton himself has even spoken of his love at heel.

Simply put, it is his destiny.

Sure it’s wonderful to cheer for him every week and he tries to end the injustices that the heels of the WWE are attempting to perpetrate. But let us hearken back to the days when Orton was “the Legend Killer,” a seemingly loose cannon that preyed upon aging stars, up-and-comers and even John Cena’s father.

In those days, Orton was dangerous. No one ever seemed to know what he would do next. And that was what made him so intriguing.

However, allowing Orton to make that heel turn has been delayed by the inability of any other face on SmackDown to get over as a top guy. Sure, Sheamus is the lovable good guy, maybe even the face of the show, but a legitimate draw going forward? Time will tell on that one.

So it leaves Orton in limbo, awaiting the green light, salivating over the notion that he may one day be able to get his wish. And when it comes, it cannot be a simple change.

That is why last night, on the grand stage of Survivor Series, Orton should have been able to make his move.

Team Foley was a mess to begin with, but imagine the match coming down to Dolph Ziggler versus Orton and another member of the team. Just when it seemed as if Ziggler was about to be put away by the unnamed Team Foley member, Orton could have struck with an RKO, laid out that competitor and had Ziggler make the cover before calmly walking to the back. The crowd would have erupted in turn, and Orton would be free to enter RAW tonight to explain his actions.

Or in a more intense turn, Orton could have arrived to “help” Sheamus in his World Heavyweight title match with the Big Show. Entering the ring to help the Celtic Warrior, Orton could have quickly struck with the aforementioned RKO, ending Sheamus’s night along with his hopes of capturing the title.

And an Orton/Sheamus feud would be interesting, as crowd favorite Sheamus, a big, strong brawler would square off against Orton, who at times seems like a caged animal, pacing, waiting, until he is able to strike.

He isn’t called the Apex Predator for nothing, after all.

At age 32, Orton is far from the end of his career. In fact, it might just be entering its strongest point. Which is scary considering what Orton has already accomplished.

Only time will tell when this event will happen. But when it does, it cannot be a subtle thing.

In keeping with Orton’s persona, it will need to be quick, shocking and absolutely brutal.