Brad Keselowski Wins Sprint Cup, Gives Drunken SportsCenter Interview

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 19, 2012

Brad Keselowski is a special kind of awesome. 

We have seen many victorious faces and celebratory dances from athletes. As sports fans, they tend to look all the same after a while. 

An MVP will thank his teammates and delve into a cliche speech. Been there, done that. 

Brad Keselowski managed to put a smile on our faces by surprising us right after he jolted the NASCAR world. 

In fact, right after watching the magnificence of a buzzed-out interview with SportsCenter, I had to wonder why we don't see this candid type of moment more often in sports. 

Keselowski clinched the first Sprint Cup championship for Penske Racing and was naturally stoked beyond belief. 

What will stay with us long after is the moment he spoke with ESPN. 

It all starts with the champion standing, waiting to be questioned. That's when we get our first sighting of the drink he has been working on. Let's just say he decided to go with the big one. 

We also assume he didn't share any of the sweet beer because he starts out with a disclaimer that he is a little buzzed.

Well, yeah. That's what happens when you chug copious amounts of brew. However, what follows is actually a very good interview. 

Perhaps eased by the comfort of a few ounces of domestic, Keselowski gives out thanks, talks about him driving with the stigma of a little guy and the fact that his father managed to make it out for this particular race. 

All the while, the champ continues to drink, not letting SportsCenter get in the way of his celebration. 

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