25 Videos of Insane Sports Fans in Action

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIINovember 20, 2012

25 Videos of Insane Sports Fans in Action

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    Watching sports can get very emotional, and passionate fans know that better than anyone.

    They also know that sometimes things can get out of control.

    Here we'll take a look at all kinds of fanatics gone completely wild. These are the most legendary, with each type of fan labeled.

    Even in the wacky sports realm are these acts of loyalty considered crazy.

    Presenting the best videos of insane sports fans in action.

25. The Cursed Fan

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    An 86-year championship drought can have this effect.

24. The Youth-in-Revolt Fan

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    Way to make the rest of the pack look bad you bruising Bruin.

23. The Long-Hair-Don't-Care Fan

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    For the first time in a long time, cowbell might not be needed.

22. The Worldly Fan

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    Don't act like your legs weren't moving rhythmically.

21. The Tennis-the-Menace Fan

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    Those quiet-during-tennis rules need to be adjusted immediately.

20. The V10-Powered Fan

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    This footage will haunt that child for as long as he attends sporting events.

19. The Birdman Fan

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    2012 U.S. Open winner Webb Simpson didn't really have anything interesting to say anyway, so thank you Birdman.

18. The Olympic Fan

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    Essentially the Will Ferrell of sports fans—a shirtless comedian who continues to inspire.

17. The Exuberant Fan

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    Like peeling the plastic off a new toy.

16. The Cotton-Eyed-Joe Fan

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    Like the announcer said: "Bonus coverage."

15. The White-Men-Can-Jump Fan

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    He's sweating more than Gordon Hayward after that dunk.

14. The Focused Fan

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    Get Gus Johnson a microphone and rewind this performance.

13. The Constantly-Moving Fan

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    Soccer's cult following continues to impress.

12. The Shake-Down Fan

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    Purple, yellow and traces of insanity. LSU life at its finest.

11. The Morose Fan

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    The five stages of grief are tough to watch. And simultaneously amazing.

    Note: It's called tweeting.

10. The Irrelevant Fan

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    Calling any professional draft pick irrelevant, humiliated or neglected is like slapping the rest of us in the face.

9. The Heckling Fan

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    Mets-Braves rivalry at its finest. Diaz, like a cement wall, never gives in.

8. The Black-Mamba Fan

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    I'm not the first to point this out, nor do I even understand the reference, but this is definitely Lewbert from Nickelodeon's iCarly.

7. The Viral Fan

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    This is the story of how teenager Rebecca Black conquered the world. Glass continues to shatter with every "Friday".

6. The College-Football Fan

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    An electric drill and this guy would have one heck of a conversation.

5. The Creepy Fan

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    Those goosebumps may never go away.

4. The Graceless Fan

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    Kyle Mooney introduces the world to new-age journalism, brightening the future one awkward interview at a time.

3. The Soulful Fan

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    Watch him crank it, watch him roll; Daylon Trotman is greatness personified.

2. The Buffalo Fan

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    In the end, not even "fourth time was the charm" as the Bills lost four straight Super Bowls between 1990 and 1993.

1. The Legendary Fan

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    As Bon Jovi continues his applause, we must wonder if that's the real Robert Griffin III at 50 seconds in.