WWE: 3 BIG Reasons I'm Excited to Tune in Again

Katie Gregerson@katiegregersonCorrespondent INovember 19, 2012

WWE: 3 BIG Reasons I'm Excited to Tune in Again

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    No, the three big reasons aren't solely Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, but they are a contributing factor.

    Oddly enough, the last article I wrote for this site—over four months ago—is titled, WWE: How I'm Hoping More Talent and Time Will Restore My Interest in the Product.

    Well, my interest has finally been restored—but not necessarily due to more talent and time. Rather, it's due to better use of talent and time.

    Admittedly, I'm still not all the way there—WWE still has ample time and opportunity to drop the ball, just as it has done so many times in the past. And if there's something else on TV that I find more interesting—like The Walking Dead, for example—it will still win my attention over WWE programming.

    But last night's Survivor Series pay-per-view was the latest—and biggest—step forward into winning me back as a diehard fan.

    Here are three big reasons why I'm excited to tune in to WWE again.

3.The Divas Division Has Been Re-Energized

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    Holy storylines, Batman! When was the last time WWE had one, let alone two of those going in the Divas division?

    As a woman who proscribes to Girl Power and general female bad-assery, the state of the Divas division the last several months has, quite frankly, pissed me right the you-know-what off.

    But things are finally appearing to take a turn for the better.

    Now that often-used-but-really-not-all-that-talented Divas like Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins (argue for them all you want, it will not change my mind) have made their exit, it seems that WWE has finally realized, "Hey, look at all these women wrestlers we have!" 

    Nice of you to notice.

    And not only has WWE noticed them—it has given them genuine storylines.

    Example one: Kaitlyn.

    Yes, her in-ring skills are a little rough around the edges but she's been working her butt off and has improved in leaps and bounds since NXT; not to mention she has a personality light-years more dynamic than certain other departed Divas.

    Even better, she's been involved in a viable storyline that's been running for more than three months now.

    Back in October it was revealed that the cloaked figure who had attacked and injured Kaitlyn the month prior at Night of Champions was none other than Aksana—or so it seems. I'm desperately hoping that Aksana was only a decoy sent by the real attacker—and not Eve—because I don't really see an Aksana-Kaitlyn feud progressing anywhere.

    Besides, why would Aksana have bothered to conceal her identity when she attempted to attack Kaitlyn again last night at Survivor Series if she was, in fact, the true attacker?

    Holy crap, I'm actually speculating about a Divas storyline

    Attacker aside, however, what really gets me excited about Kaitlyn is that she's on a crusade to win the Divas Championship—and she's having to work for it. The title isn't just being handed to her like it has to others in the past (see: Kelly Kelly, Eve). If there's one thing that title is in desperate need of it's credibility, and I'm hoping that it will gain just that as Kaitlyn continues on her quest.

    Example two: Kaitlyn's lil buddy AJ.

    For the last few months AJ had been the only Diva who really "mattered" in WWE. She's been involved in intricate storylines for quite a while now, but as they were storylines centered around the male superstars I'm not counting them toward the Divas division.

    But it looks like she may finally have a real Divas feud on her hands.

    Since resigning from her position as Raw GM, AJ has been embroiled in a feud with newly instated Raw Managing Supervisor (whatever the hell that means) Vickie Guerrero, sparked by allegations of an affair with John Cena.  

    I did not like this angle. Not only is it kind of dumb, but between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane and Cena, WWE was turning AJ into a living, breathing wrestling Mary Sue.

    At last night's PPV, AJ took to the ring to present her own "incriminating" photos of Vickie, which were obviously photoshopped and served no other purpose than to embarrass her. Vickie, of course, stormed out to shriek at AJ—and in the middle of the confrontation AJ was attacked by Tamina Snuka. 

    I'm excited about the prospect of an angle—with real wrestling matches—between these two. Tamina has a lot of developing to do as far as her character is concerned, but one thing we do know she has is in-ring ability. Combine that with AJ's talent, and I don't see how this feud could go wrong.

    Welcome back, Divas! 

2.The Tag Team Division Has Been Re-Energized

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    One big gripe many fans have had about WWE in recent years has been the general lack of a viable Tag Team Division.

    I was one of those fans.

    Back in the good ol' days being Tag Team Champions was just as good as being WWE Champion—the competition was just as intense and doubly exciting.

    Well, at some point the division took a complete nosedive into near nothingness. The World Tag Team and WWE Tag Team titles were unified in 2009, and since then the championship hasn't amounted to much. A team would be awarded the titles only to disappear off the face of the earth, probably because there weren't any other legitimate tag teams—according to WWE, anyway—for them to compete against.

    Thank goodness all that has finally changed.

    There are currently seven tag teams appearing on WWE television: the current champions, Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane), Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow), the Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil), International Airstrike (Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel), CoBro (Santino Marella and Zack Ryder), Primo and Epico, and Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.

    There are eight if you include the stable 3MB, who could compete under the Freebird Rule.

    Far and away my favorite tag team is Team Rhodes Scholars. But, unfortunately, now that Cody Rhodes has injured his shoulder it seems that success for them will be delayed.

    Luckily for WWE, there are two more legitimate heel tag teams who could feud with Bryan and Kane for the titles. My guess is that Young and O'Neil are next in line. WWE has been building them up for quite some time, and a feud between them and Team Hell No has a lot of entertainment potential.

    Welcome back, tag teams!

1.Investment in the Future

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    Without a shadow of a doubt, the most exciting moment of last night's PPV was when Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stormed the ring during the triple threat match for the WWE Championship.

    Diehard wrestling fans know why this is a big freaking deal. Ambrose and Rollins are, much like Daniel Bryan, respected indie darlings, while Reigns comes from the legendary and esteemed Anoa'i family, which has bred such household names as the Wild Samoans, Yokozuna, Rikishi and The Rock.

    These are wrestlers, who have spent years breaking their backs to wrestle. These are the future of WWE—and WWE is finally giving them their shot.

    For some time now WWE has relied on the same old-same old to keep the company afloat. This caused storylines to become stale and beaten like a dead horse.

    It was always the same faces in the main event. We were subjected to seeing the same matches and feuds over and over again, and oftentimes they only got worse the second or third time around. Every once and a while a big name like Brock Lesnar would return, and while that spices things up for the moment it's not a viable choice for the long run.

    But Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns and everyone else down there in NXT? They are the talent who will profit WWE in the long run, and it's about damn time it invested in them.

    I could be jumping the gun—after all, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns just made their main roster debut last night. But they have to explain their attack on Ryback—and if it turns out they're in cahoots with CM Punk and Paul Heyman, WWE is about to get a hell of a lot more attitude.

    Even if they aren't in cahoots I'm excited. Bring on the future.

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