WWE Survivor Series Results: Sheamus-Big Show Rematch Sets a High Bar for TLC

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WWE Survivor Series Results: Sheamus-Big Show Rematch Sets a High Bar for TLC
While Big Show complains to the referee about the DQ, Sheamus launches the first of many chair strikes that culminated on the ramp. (WWE.com photo)

Sheamus and the Big Show put on what undoubtedly will be one of the classic matches in WWE Survivor Series history when they clashed Sunday night in Indianapolis. And while the World Heavyweight Championship belt did not change hands (even to Dolph Ziggler), everyone—including the WWE Universe—came away winners.

Big Show won because he kept the belt, albeit through disqualification. Sheamus won because he showed perhaps the greatest amount of aggression since he first burst onto the WWE landscape.

And the WWE Universe won because it is apparent that the “rubber match” in this feud is coming next month at Tables, Ladders & Chairs. If Sunday night’s match was any indication of what is to come next month, it is going to be epic.

That’s why it is so difficult to pick a clear-cut winner or loser from this match. Both men showed a side of themselves that had never been seen before, or at least had not been seen in some time.

Big Show further distanced himself from the big goof character he had been pigeonholed into over the past year. Even when he did his heel turn, many still saw him as slightly askew.

Not any more. He now is a solid heel, maybe not as high as CM Punk but he could be a threat to Ziggler as the company’s number-two bad man.

He showed no mercy on Sheamus with hair pulls, elbow drops and ultimately the Knockout Punch. He also showed a conniving side when he threw referee Scott Armstrong into the path of the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus finds a brief respite on the ring rope following one of several assaults on him by Big Show. (WWE.com photo)

Sheamus also appears to be putting his lovable dorkish character on the shelf, also. His aggression against Show in the ring drew some of the biggest crowd pops in the night.

And those pops turned into outright frenzy when Sheamus launched his series of chair hits on Show outside of the ring and up the ramp. The more he hit Show, the crazier the crowd got. Then, Sheamus blew the roof off the arena when he made Show beg for mercy before finally dropping him with the Brogue Kick on the ramp.

Normally when you come out of a major PPV event like Survivor Series, the follow-up event offers a bit of a letdown. With the likelihood of a third Sheamus-Show match on the card, TLC is likely to buck that trend.

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