WWE Survivor Series Results: What's Next for Big Show After Loss to Sheamus?

Robert AitkenAnalyst INovember 19, 2012

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  WWE Superstar Big Show is introduced during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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After the referees straightened things out, Big Show was declared the loser in his World Heavyweight Championship bout with Sheamus. Big Show will continue to serve as World Heavyweight Champion for the time being because that victory came as a result of a disqualification.

Despite being picked up for an electric chair and White Noise by Sheamus, Big Show had enough to kick out of near pinfalls and keep the match going. Sheamus still was feeling it and went for a Brogue Kick to the champion.

Instead, the kick connected to referee Scott Armstrong. As trainers and other referees came down to attend to Armstrong, Big Show took advantage with a huge WMD punch, only to see that nobody could count the pinfall. One of the two referees that came out to help Armstrong leaned over and counted to three for the Big Show title defense. However, it wasn't that clear cut.

Upon discussion with the other referee, it was determined that Big Show would be disqualified for pulling Armstrong into the way of the Brogue Kick. Big Show was animated about the call and even had to have some of his words muted on the live pay-per-view.

Sheamus would make it to his feet and grab a chair. In what isn't quite sportsmanship, Sheamus began to hit Big Show with it multiple times. At times, Big Show looks close to being incapacitated by the chair shots, but ended up with his senses at the top of the ramp, begging for Sheamus to stop using the chair.

Big Show pulling a referee in front of a move merits a change in the outcome, but a post-match attack with a chair doesn't even bring a referee to the situation to force Sheamus to stop.

If Sheamus were a heel in this situation, referees would use the divine logic they have used in the past and reverse the decision due to someone using a weapon post-match or refusing to break a submission hold. This was no different, except that it would have been two reversals of the match outcome.

Big Show could be happy for still holding the title, but knows that the reversal in the decision gives a reason for a Sheamus rematch at TLC four weeks later. If there's one event that Big Show could fear, it would be TLC, the site of the giant's title victory, post-match attack and loss of his title by Daniel Bryan cashing in Money in the Bank.

Over the next four weeks, WWE will paid a similar picture. Big Show will be entered into a World Heavyweight Championship match at TLC with Sheamus. That match, like the one last year with Mark Henry, will be a Chairs match.

Big Show will win that match ultimately, but be attacked after the match by his opponent. Dolph Ziggler and his Money in the Bank briefcase will come out, much like Daniel Bryan did last year, and try to win the title, which Bryan successfully did last December.

The similarities are certainly there and even though the likelihood of it playing out just like that isn't high, that theory will be built up in a lot of minds over the next few weeks.

WWE will try their hardest to somehow make you believe that either Sheamus will defeat Big Show at TLC or that enough will be done from the match that Ziggler will cash in Money in the Bank on whoever wins. Regardless of what happens then, this will be much of what we see over the next four weeks.

It won't quite be the debacle that the 45-second reign was for Big Show last year, but if he avenges his loss at TLC this time around, only to lose his title right after, it will continue to sting for the giant. Likewise, Sheamus could win the title and lose it moments later like Big Show did last time.

Imagine a victory for Sheamus, followed by a WMD punch and an angry giant storming off. The longer that the match shows the champion vulnerable post-match, the more the crowd will chant for it. Chants of "We Want Ziggler" could be heard at Survivor Series last night as Big Show laid on the ramp.

For as much as Sheamus made fun of Daniel Bryan for beating him in 18 seconds at WrestleMania and how Big Show's entire reign lasted 45 seconds, Sheamus could have a similar experience at TLC if he wins and loses it right after to an antsy Ziggler that has held the briefcase for nearly five months and teased a few times on cashing it in on Sheamus.

Assuming we don't see a title match on Smackdown or RAW, Big Show can add four more weeks to his reign at least. After that, it will all matter however the chips, or chairs in this case, may fall.