WWE Survivor Series: Did the PPV Hint at a Bigger Focus on the Divas Division?

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 18, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

WWE may just be setting up the wishful thinkers out there, but Survivor Series sure made it look like the company is going to feature its female wrestlers more.

Several months ago, many WWE fans lamented the lack of quality tag-team wrestling on Raw, SmackDown or pay-per-views. Team Hell No, Team Rhodes Scholars, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio came along and suddenly the division had life again.

Is the same thing set to happen with the Divas?

WWE's history of poor booking with the female portion of it roster says no. Still, two occurrences at Survivor Series pointed in that unlikely direction.


Kaitlyn and Eve Get Violent

Before the Divas Championship match even began, fans witnessed a surprisingly violent encounter. Aksana, disguised in a blonde wig, tried to sneak attack Kaitlyn.

The former NXT winner fought her off, though, and proceeded to slam her attacker into sound equipment backstage.

The Divas are rarely allowed to display that level of intensity.

That violence carried over into Eve and Kaitlyn's match. Not only did the women get far more time than they normally get, WWE didn't prevent them from taking and delivering some significant bumps.

Both champion and challenger took impactful spills on the outside of the ring.

Fans aren't expecting barbed wire matches and Hell in a Cell encounters between WWE Divas, but this slight shift in the action could inject the division with some mojo.


Tamina Attacks AJ

The AJ vs. Vickie Guerrero angle has been cloying and a good time to grab a snack from the fridge.

Survivor Series saw that feud shift into a far more exciting direction. Tamina blindsided AJ and perhaps sparked a feud that could lead to some actual matches.

Most wrestling fans would gladly trade a story about a scandal for a series of matches between two of the company's most talented females.

The Divas division has lacked plenty, but an absence of storylines has made their matches more uninteresting than the lack of quality wrestling moves.

With one swift attack by a returning Diva, the division now has two feuds going at once. When's the last time we've been able to say that?

WWE may bury these stories before they begin, but they've created an opportunity for themselves, an open door to march through.


What It Means

These events don't prove a complete reversal of WWE's philosophy on Divas. We aren't going to see Shimmer-type matches any time soon.

There does though seem to be a shift, however slight, of the company's direction with its women.

AJ and Eve have both been featured in non-wrestling roles and maybe it was those performances that convinced Vince McMahon and team to trust the ladies to wrestle, that fans could get behind women for more than just wanting to see "puppies."

Maybe instead of one-minute Divas matches, we'll get three- to four-minute encounters. Maybe instead of complete apathy towards the stories and feuds in the division, there will be some attention given to AJ, Kaitlyn, Tamina, Natalya and Eve.

It's not time to celebrate a Divas division that gets the focus and airtime that the men do, but Survivor Series offered an inkling of hope for positive change.