WWE Survivor Series Results: What's Next for Kaitlyn After Loss to Eve?

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistNovember 18, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

Now that Kaitlyn has fallen short in her quest to unseat WWE Divas champion Eve Torres, what’s next after her big loss?

Given the dynamics of the feud, don’t be surprised to see Kaitlyn stay in the title picture.

Kaitlyn, the season three winner of NXT, has been riding a wave of momentum, squashing her friend Layla and appearing unstoppable (WWE.com). There are so few other Divas left on the roster: Who can take her place?

Layla is dead in the water in the title picture and Natalya has become a joke. AJ Lee could be a considerable opponent, but given her brutal beat down by Tamina at Survivor Series, it doesn’t look to be happening.

The WWE has even gone so far as to send out a casting notice last month looking for new Divas (PWInsider.com).

It seems doubtful the WWE will let this one fall away considering the unusual amount of care and energy put into the fight.

The range of bitterness between Kaitlyn and Eve has re-energized the Divas Division. Solid creative work has been put into the backstory between the two.

And it has obviously been working its spell on the WWE Universe. The six-woman tag team bout from this past Friday’s SmackDown created a loud reaction from the crowd.

The fans were into the match, and the moves during the bout were hard-hitting and painful at times. These girls looked like they hated each other and the match soared.

Kaitlyn looks poised to rise from the ashes of her defeat to challenge Eve again.