WWE Survivor Series 2012: Mysterious Debuts Will Bring New Life to Stale Product

Darin PikeContributor INovember 19, 2012

Photos courtesy of WWE.com.
Photos courtesy of WWE.com.

WWE has been struggling to stay relevant in the modern sports and entertainment arena. Fans that have been drawn to the spectacle have a competing option with TNA and a sport alternative with the various MMA outlets. 

Sunday's action did all it could to keep fans invigorated.

The men's Triple Threat match featured CM Punk retaining his WWE championship with a little help from NXT Champion Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose—make that a lot of help.

The new trio attacked Ryback in the main event of the Survivor Series. They pounded him into submission before they tabled any further discussion from the artist formerly known as Ryan Reeves.

With Ryback out of commission, Punk had an easy cover and fall of a battered John Cena.

The competition might not have been overly fair, but it was effective.

Any doubt on where the former NXT stars would land in the WWE fold are clear now. While nicknames are still pending, their ties to the champion provide several options. 

For now, I'll throw out Punk and his posse.

The introduction carries intriguing possibilities. Ryback is one of the more popular fighters in the WWE. He has taken on multiple combatants in the past with great effectiveness.

WWE created some impressive hype by introducing a trio that gave him a schoolyard beatdown.

There was some fun to be had on the Divas' side as well. Defending champion Eve Torres took on Kaitlyn in an exciting match.

Comments are made on how much contact goes on in these matches, but there is no way to fake being thrown out of the ring or over an announcer's table. 

Kaitlyn had the early advantage, blonde wig in hand, but fans were given a great reminder of things to come when Eve settled things with a neckbreaker. 

There is plenty to be excited about in the world of WWE. Eve alone is a great start, but the developments with the new trio will provide an array of storylines to give fans their money's worth.