Carolina Hurricanes: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Josh ClarkCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2009

With the regular season coming to a halting end and a race that could lead once again to the last game of the season for the Carolina Hurricanes, things are beginning to look bright. 

The Hurricanes began the season with a rough start and seemed that they were headed for the exact same place as last, the golf course rather than the rink. 

The decision to fire Peter Laviolette and rehire Paul Maurice, who was replaced by Laviolette, did not sit well with fans. This was painfully evident when Maurice was booed his first game back with the team, and the fans were right, for a time.

Carolina is now back to the team that they were in 2006 when they won the cup. They are playing team hockey and winning games. Attendance is higher than it has been in three years. 

Is this the year they rebound and make it to the playoffs?

My prediction is that the hurricanes will make the playoffs.

With the season leaving most teams with 15 regular season games left, the Carolina Hurricanes have got hot. 

After once being in 10th place in the conference, they have moved up to be in the playoffs and the tight race for the eighth spot in the conference. The players that the team needs to perform have begun to perform. 

Cam Ward, who has been relatively inconsistent during his time as a starter, has began showing his Conn Smythe form again. 

Eric Staal and his reuniting with Eric Cole has also been beneficial. He has finally returned to his performance that helped the Carolina Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup. 

All the Hurricanes need to do is ride this wave of performance for 15 more games and they will find themselves in the playoffs, competing with their opponents. 

Can the finish the ride?