San Diego Chargers: 3 Players on the Hot Seat Down the Stretch

Ross Warner@@Lucab12Contributor IIINovember 19, 2012

San Diego Chargers: 3 Players on the Hot Seat Down the Stretch

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    The season is essentially over.  Norv Turner's exit is now all but assured.  However, this team (and the quarterback especially) look to be damaged beyond repair.  The only thing they will be playing for down the stretch will be their own jobs. 

    On the same field where Philip Rivers first showed he could lead a team back (2006), he sputtered beyond belief.  Some may blame the offensive line, but Rivers has been regressing for quite some time now.

    Here are three key players whose future in San Diego will be decided by their play.  I think you can already guess the first one.

1. Philip Rivers

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    Let the debate begin.  Yes, the offensive line is porous.  AJ Smith should be held accountable for trying to pass of Clary and Green as legitimate players.  I think the GM should be shown the door along with the coach.  But Philip Rivers is a disaster.

    When there are no rushers, he still throws off his back foot.  Solomon Wilcots commented on how he threw one low to a wide open receiver today.  His first interception was another awful installment.

    What's really sad is that he isn't even the trash-talking, short-tempered brat he can appear to be on TV.  Now he's just a beaten man.  I can't imagine the next coach being able to fix him.

2. Ryan Mathews

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    Yes, the line has not created many holes for him.  Yet he still gets tackled by the first man to touch him far too often.  He doesn't show much assertiveness finding the hole, either.

    His health and fumbling haven't been as much of an issue because the Chargers have slipped further and further in the standings.  It doesn't seem to be that big a deal all things considered. 

    Norv Turner doesn't trust him on any short yardage plays and his touchdown in New Orleans seems like ages ago.  His play down the stretch could determine what the future holds for him in San Diego.

3. Robert Meachem

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    His drop in Cleveland summed it up.  He had his best game against his former team and then he disappeared.  Alexander's strong play makes his contract seem like an even bigger mistake.

    It would be a lot of money to eat, but Meachem can't even get on the field.  It's beginning to look like the David Boston signing all over again.