WWE Survivor Series 2012: 5 More Bold Predictions for Tonight's Pay-Per-View

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistNovember 18, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: 5 More Bold Predictions for Tonight's Pay-Per-View

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    Earlier this week, Justin LaBar and I gave you predictions you can take to the bank for Survivor Series.  Due to time constraints, we couldn't give you everything then, so I have decided to return with a few more bold predictions with just hours left until the WWE's second-oldest pay-per-view. 

1. Dolph Ziggler Scores Deciding Pinfall as Sole Survivor

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    The WWE has been very scattershot in their booking with Dolph Ziggler and they need to begin honing in their creative energy on the current Money in the Bank holder in order for him to have more heat before eventually cashing in the briefcase. 

    Ziggler, as the last remaining member of a winning team, possibly going through multiple babyfaces en route to victory, would receive some much needed spotlight as one of the premiere young talents in the WWE. 

2. The Big Show Defeats Sheamus, Retains World Title

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    Sheamus needs to continue chasing the Big Show for the World Title in order for a subsequent title run to be better received by the fans. 

    I don't foresee Ziggler cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase against the Big Show; however, I don't see him cashing it in anytime in the near future so it's likely that Show will enjoy his first career world heavyweight title run of substance. 

    The best way to book Show-Sheamus would be to build up Big Show as a world heavyweight championship mountain that Sheamus may or may not be able to climb. 

3. The Miz Remains a Babyface

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    There is a lot of skepticism surrounding the Miz's sudden alliance with the babyface Team Foley, especially with recent rival Kofi Kingston on the same team. 

    A predictable scenario would see Miz attacking Kingston, thus re-establishing himself as a heel. 

    The move to stick Miz with Team Foley seems more like the WWE testing the waters with Miz as a babyface after the former WWE Champion had a lengthy run as a heel.

4. Another Survivor Series Tag Team Match Will Be Added

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    With only five matches advertised on a traditional WWE pay-per-view sure to see a spike in buyrate, the WWE will likely add another Survivor Series tag team match to the card in order to feature more talent on a high-profile PPV, thus affording them PPV paydays. 

    After a hot eight-man tag team match on Raw featuring the Prime Time Players, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara among others, expect somewhat of an encore at Survivor Series. 

5. Mick Foley Will Go Through the Spanish Announce Table

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    Mick Foley can't be featured on a PPV without the possibility of taking some crazy bump, and while his body is ravaged from years of crazy bumps, one has to believe he has a few left in him. 

    This just feels like a match where Foley will find an excuse to go through a table, setting up a possibly productive match against Dolph Ziggler.