NYK: Don't Put Hope on Chris Bosh or LeBron James

Walker McKeoughContributor IMarch 18, 2009

Fans of the New York Knicks, I know your pain. Ever since James Dolan has taken over the Knicks, it seems he has been purposely trying to kill the team. From Marbury, to Curry, to Isiah, etc.  Who in their right mind would hire a man who single handedly bankrupted the Continental Basketball Association (CBA)?

He won't admit his mistakes, and keeps pushing forward as if he never did anything wrong. But now there is new hope in New York. A competent coach in D'Antoni brings a dynamic offense towards New York, and the trades are finally making sense.  Cap room is being dumped, and the team is finally ready to REBUILD, something that should have happened years ago.

But the only problem is that the Knicks are hoping to rebuild around LeBron and Bosh. 

LeBron is a man among boys, and he would be perfect for New York. The excitement, the life of the city: he would fit right in.

The only problem is that he loves where he is too much. The Cavs are a playoff team, one that is only getting better as time goes by. He likes where he is, and he will stay. Also, for people that say the Knicks will be able to offer a hefty contract, the Cavs can offer an ever bigger contract. 

Chris Bosh is the same as LeBron. He can also be offered more money then the Knicks could offer, and frankly, I don't think he is worth it. I don't believe he will fit in with the overall plan of D'Antoni, and he won't help overall.

Sure he is a great player, but that won't mean he will be effective.     

The Knicks need to start young, to draft some good players and begin anew. They need to be smart with cap, ship some of their "good players" for draft picks, and hope to get some good picks. Nate Robinson will never be a team player, and is either amazing or terrible beyond all reason.

Wait for Harrington to go on his last year, see if he can be shipped for a crap player and a second round draft pick. The Knicks need to create a new identity, get a new younger team.

Let D'Antoni draft the players he needs to create a team that can succeed. He has the know-how and ability, and as long as Dolan keeps out of the Knicks, they may succeed.