Washington Redskins: Frustration Never Seems to End

ROB YOUNG SRContributor IMarch 18, 2009

There has been a lot of talk that what the Washington Redskins needs is "stability," but you have to wonder if anyone in the organization realizes what that is.

When Snyder brought back Joe Gibbs, it gave longtime Skins fans a sense of hope that someone in the organization had a clue. But things where not in place to do what was needed.

This organization is always in the middle of some kind of media mix. They have a reputation that if you are a free agent looking to get paid go to Washington. Things have gotten a little better over the last couple of years, but now here we are in at a time when this team should be circling the wagons in hopes of improving on last season.

Jay Cutler had a spat with his new coach and now the Jason Campbell-bashing goes into high gear. There are trade rumors out there that suggest the Skins send their pick No. 13, Campbell, Cooley, and Horton to Denver for Cutler and a second round pick.

We have the release of Jason Taylor after one season and "here we go again."

The teams that you woud call successful—the Colts , Patriots, Giants—do business quietly and they get it right. They use their draft picks to stock their teams so that when the vets get a step slower and are looking for that big payday, they can let them go and not miss a beat.

This organization has no patience, in my humble opinion, and it has rubbed off on the fanbase.

The core of the problem in Washington since Snyder took over is no vision, no plan. Everything has gotten done on the fly.

Need players? Go out and find the free agents with the biggest hype at the time. Where is the plan? Who is minding the store? You mean to tell me that a multi-million dollar making organization does not realize that before a stock bottoms out you sell.

The constant restructuring of contracts has put this team in a hole that has them praying next year is an uncapped year so they can purge some of those bad contracts without consequence.

John Janson is a perfect example. Now don't get me wrong I have much respect for what Janson did for this team, but wear and tear and devastating injuries have made him a shell of himself and the team can't afford to cut him.

There are those who are critical of the Haynesworth signing, but I am not one of them. I like the move. Yes, $100 million is a lot of money, but if this guy just demands the double and triple teams he has before it make a pretty good defense that much better—more sacks, more interceptions, more pressure.

Now there has to be a realization that this is just a piece of the puzzle. If there is going to be improvement it takes time. The process is slowed even more for the Skins due to it small regard for their draft picks and their need for addition by subtraction before they can really move forward.

Now I am and always will be a Redskin fan. I study my team. I am critical of my team, but I also realize if you build it up too fast it can fall even faster.

Patience is required by the organization and the fan-base. We are cursed by our past success but must understand with the right people taking there time and doing the right things we can be good again for years to come not just for a season.