Who Will Induct the Undertaker into the Hall of Fame?

Gagan SamraContributor IMarch 18, 2009

If you have not read my article about how the retirement storyline should play out for the Undertaker, please read it at the following link as this is a continuation of that article


The induction of the Undertaker into the Hall of Fame brings up a couple interesting questions. First, who will make induction speech for the Undertaker during his Hall of Fame ceremony? The Undertaker has feuded with almost every superstar since his arrival to the WWE.

He has been a part of some memorable feuds (ie. Mick Foley, Kane) and some forgettable feuds (ie. Giant Gonzales). There are, however, a select few that would be worthy enough of having the honor of inducting the Undertaker.

Mick Foley- Many will agree that the Undertaker's long feud with Mick Foley throughout the late '90s would be considered as his most memorable feud. The two gave everything they had whenever they stepped into the squared circle and left us with some of the most memorable moments in WWE history (Hell in A Cell).

There is no doubt that there is a mutual respect between these two combantents. However, Mick Foley left the WWE on very bad terms to jump ship to TNA. Vince McMahon is not very happy with Foley and it does not seem likely that Foley would ever consider working for the WWE ever again.

That being said, there is still a few years before the Undertaker retires, so the possibility is still open.

Paul Bearer- The Undertaker's character gave many kids nightmares during his initial run in the WWE, but the presence of his manager Paul Bearer only enhanced that terror. These two spent many years together and I believe they still communicate with each other to this very day.

Many people will point to the fact that the Undertaker "killed" Paul Bearer, but this should not stop Bearer from being considered an option to induct the Undertaker in the Hall of Fame.

Vince McMahon- I know that many people will dismiss this right away, but the idea of Vince inducting Undertaker is not out of the realm of possibility. These two have feuded, joined forces, and feuded on several different occasions.

There is no doubt that if it were up to him, Vince would induct any wrestler that was very popular with the fans. That being said, I think this is a long shot of occurring, but it should still be noted.

Kane- As the Undertaker's kayfabe brother, it would only seem natural the brother would have the distinction of inducting his own brother into the Hall of Fame. Kane even had to distinction to give the Undertaker's eulogy win he buried him alive.

Glen Jacobs and Mark Calloway also have a strong friendship outside of the ring. There is only one small problem with having Kane induct the Undertaker, which can be explained by the answer of my next question.

The other question that needs to be answered is whether the Undertaker will be inducted as the character or the man behind the gimmick, Mark Calloway. I truly believe that we will see a bit of both come out during the acceptance speech.

There is no way that the Undertaker can give a speech based solely on his Deadman persona, but he can still throw in some of his popular catchphrases (ie. Creatures of the night, Rest in Peace).

In the end, I think the choice of who inducts the Undertaker has to be Mick Foley. I really hope that this conflict between Foley and McMahon can be resolved in time. If this does not occur, Paul Bearer would more than likely be the next candidate in line.