UFC 154: Mark Bocek vs. Rafael dos Anjos Full Fight Breakdown

Chris HummerAnalyst INovember 18, 2012

DALLAS - SEPTEMBER 19:  UFC fighter Rafael Dos Anjos (L) battles UFC fighter Rob Emerson (R) during their Lightweight bout at UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort at the American Airlines Center on September 19, 2009 in Dallas, Texas.  (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

It was a three-round bout, but the result the better fighter was clear throughout the match as Rafael dos Anjos defeated Mark Bocek by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) at UFC 154 in Montreal on Saturday night.

Dos Anjos was just quicker on the ground and on his feet, out-stepping the veteran grappler throughout, despite Bocek being favored by many entering the contest.

The win should knock Dos Anjos up a level, but Bocek should stay put. He's a solid fighter who just seemed to have a poor showing.

In any case, here's a round-by-round breakdown of all the action.


First Round 

Bocek started on the offensive pressing on Dos Anjos until the pair met in the middle of the cage, but from there Dos Anjos dictated the match.

Dos Anjos landed the majority of the solid strikes in the round, connecting on punches, elbows and knees at a consistent rate, while Bocek struggled to land quality shots. Dos Anjos was also great with his takedown defense in the round, resisting Bocek's best attempts at bringing the match to the mat. 

Bocek was solid, but Dos Anjos won more active in the round.

10-9 Dos Anjos


Second Round

The second round started with a buzz as Dos Anjos landed a kick but then took a kick of his own to a sensitive region. From there the round just got better.

The pair reset, and after Bocek got off a few shots, Dos Anjos responded in kind with a shot to the face. The pair then ended up near the cage and after Bocek failed on a takedown, and as Anjos attempted to work in an armbar, it failed and Bocek got in a few punches.

But then Dos Anjos changed the match by landing a few strikes that closed up one of Bocek's left eye, which really seemed to slow the Canadian. Dos Anjos then worked a takedown and landed quite a few punches as Bocek just hung on, waiting for the round to end.

Bocek flipped it to get up, and the pair just traded kicks to end the round.

Dos Anjos owned the round, but Bocek got in enough strikes to keep it close.

10-9 Dos Anjos


Third Round

Once again, the Brazilian was just a step quicker in this round.

Dos Anjos and Bocek engaged in multiple exchanges in the first half of the round, with Dos Anjos getting the better of Bocek almost every time.

Bocek attempted to take the fight to the ground but was never really successful. And at about the two-minute mark he stumbled in retreat, allowing Dos Anjos to pounce and land solid strikes.

For the rest of the match both fighters looked worn down, and the exchanges were empty with few strikes landed. However, Dos Anjos got the better of those too.

Once again, Dos Anjos controlled the pace of the action.

10-9 Dos Anjos

Final Result: 30-27 Dos Anjos