Jay Cutler: The NFL's Most Immature Person

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IMarch 18, 2009

When I first saw Brett Favre play, the best way I could describe him was to simply repeat what this one analyst said: "He was a grown man playing football like a boy."

Just because a man gets to be over six feet tall, has broad shoulders, and builds a muscular body does not make him a "man." His brain must make the necessary jump forward as well.

Brett Favre never really got there, Terrell Owens is getting better, Philip Rivers has stopped throwing fits, and Anquan Boldin is learning to deal.

Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson? That's another story.

But here we have five examples of men with whom the subject of "maturity" is key.

But ladies and gentlemen, excluding Favre (whose frame of mind is similar to that of a nine-year-old), the other four men act like teenagers. There really are no babies in the National Football League. Or...


Looks like I spoke too soon. I forgot that one over there, crying to get his diaper changed.

He is a grown man who thinks that the famous scientist Nicolaus Copernicus was wrong. He's pretty sure the Earth doesn't revolve around the sun, but that it revolves around him.

The little tyke's name is Jay.

Jay Cutler.


Now, before any angry Bronco fans decide to splatter my comment sheet with slurs about my appearance or my sexual orientation, I would like to remind you that Cutler has now asked to be traded. Get mad at him and "politely disagree" with me instead.

So just how did all of this start?

Apparently, there was originally a three-way trade on the table involving the Buccaneers and Patriots that would have put Jay Cutler in Tampa Bay and Matt Cassel in Denver.

But it fell through, and instead, Patriots Cassel and Mike Vrabel were traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for a second-round draft selection.

The reasoning behind Cassel coming to Denver was that he would match well with new head coach, Josh McDaniels, who was the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots for the past few years.

It is easier to work with someone who knows your system, so why wouldn't McDaniels want Cassel?

Cutler found out about this rumor, and now he's uncomfortable in his dirty undies and is whining about it.

But he doesn't just want a fresh pair of Pull-Ups; he wants out of Denver, now. His pride has been hurt and he wants to be traded. 

McDaniels has stated that he had no intention of trading the star quarterback in the first place, but Cutler does not believe it.

People are defending Jay and his actions, saying that Denver was in the wrong.

Well, guess what? The world isn't black and white.


Let's make an analogy:

Two eight-year-old twin brothers, Randy and Cody, are playing together on the floor in their room. Randy takes the Godzilla action figure and Cody punches him to get it back, but Randy, reacting in a way typical of a kid, punches his twin brother right in the mouth.

The father, George, walks in and sees his boys fighting. Being the good father he is, he disciplines both of them. Now, remember, he disciplined both.

Replace Cody with McDaniels and Randy with Cutler. McDaniels wants to possibly trade Cutler, who takes it as a punch in the face, and he reacts by going to the press outraged, refusing to go to a team meeting, and causing confusion in the Broncos organization.

Unfortunately, I cannot become the father and smack the rear ends of my two "kids" to teach them a lesson. But you get the point: Both Cutler and McDaniels are at fault.


But let's go back to the boys and my parallel. Randy is not only mad at his brother, he won't even speak to him. He wants to have his own separate room, away from his "meanie" of a sibling.

Cody has tried to apologize, he has tried to reason with his brother and become friends again, but Randy is obstinate. He refuses to even acknowledge his brother's existence, and then, to make matters worse, he refuses to participate in the baseball game he and his brother were to go to.

Cody wants his brother back, but what happens next?

The answer is up to Cutler now, since he's our "Randy."

Cutler skipped the team workout just as Randy skipped the game. I see no difference except...

This is a 25-year-old man we're talking about here! That is what makes his actions so odious.


Yes, McDaniels made a mistake, but no player, not even Joe Montana, has the right to disrespect his coach like Cutler has. Somebody desperately needs to let some air out of his overinflated ego.

This young man has actually gone on television, mind you, to say that he thinks he has a better arm than John Elway.

He has the nerve to say he is better than a two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback who is in the Hall of Fame? That is beyond arrogance.

He may have been a star at Vanderbilt, like Elway was at Stanford, but the only thing he and Elway have in common are their egos.

Except Elway could back his up.

Cutler can't even feud with Phillip Rivers. The San Diego quarterback is so higher up than him on the success chain.

Jay has not yet had a winning season; he is 17-20 at quarterback for the Broncos.

He may have been a Pro Bowl quarterback (which I still think was an error, seeing as how Rivers actually made the Playoffs), but Cutler has no ground to stand on to say he is one of the best.


People were talking about trading Cutler for Dallas' Tony Romo.

These people are clinically insane. Trade a guy who has at least been to the postseason for a guy who hasn't won more than eight games in a campaign?

I can't stress how ridiculous it is for Cutler not to finish his job in Denver. The AFC West did not have a winning season; the Chargers were an 8-8 division winner. 

Romo has choked, yes, but Cutler had plenty of chances to douse the Chargers' playoff fire, yet he failed.

Denver's (former?) signal-caller, through all his comparisons to Elway, is more Jeff George. Great talent but too arrogant. And no success to his name.

Cutler needs to put a cork in it, starting learning plays, and try to get better, but he won't. Just like he won't stop crying for someone to change his diaper because he made a "messy."

He will still be a two-year-old who wants what he wants when he wants it.


The NFL is a business, so the Broncos can trade whoever they want.

Now, if Jay Cutler had, let's say, a Super Bowl ring, then he actually could have grounds to say that he is the "guy" in Denver. But he has nothing but one questionable Pro Bowl selection.

So, congratulations, Jay Cutler. You have shown through your actions that you are, without any doubt, the most immature person in the NFL.

Don't forget your talcum powder for that rash!


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