Wrestlemania Match in the Making

Paul BentleyContributor IMarch 18, 2009

I had a good prediction for this sort of match would finally come to light, thanks to some very talented story writing.

The match has finally been set, HBK will square off  one on one with The Undertaker. I'm sure this will be the most talked about match of its time.

It's certainly not the first time these two have had a confrontation, talk about trying to co-operate is bad enough knowing that your match against each other will still take place.

I have always noticed they always seem to have people that are against each other at wrestlemania, in matches against there opponents leading up to the event. Maybe to help build up suspense.

This past week on Monday night RAW, after HBK stole Takers chance to get the pin, he chased Shawn up the entrance ramp, it seemed that Shawn had disappeared out of sight, when taker looks away for a moment then turns back, the Showstopper plays that sweet chin music on Undertakers face.

It could be that maybe HBK has the Undertaker's number.

Can Mr Wrestlemania go all the way to victory on the grandest stage of them all? or will we all witness The Phenom's winning streak reach 17-0, only time will tell.

Its going to be the Winning streak versus The Heart, ICON versus ICON.

In any case, I want to see something special, like many of you may remember the classic confrontation that Taker and HBK had during the 2007 Royal Rumble match when they were the last two standing in the ring. There was one goal left, one more elimination to go, one final shot.

The momentum kept swinging back and forth with lethal force, from high risk moves, to alot of fist throws with some chops, ending with permanent finisher out of the game.

That is the kind of confrontation I want to see at this Wrestlemania between these two, the WWE Universe demands it. Give everyone what they want, and you can bet those two will deliver the goods.