WWE Survivor Series 2012: Win-Loss Records of Team Ziggler, Foley

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst INovember 18, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: Win-Loss Records of Team Ziggler, Foley

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    Sunday night at Survivor Series, the five-on-five Tradition Survivor Series match will be on display as the tradition continues into the 26th year of the Survivor Series. This time around, there has been a lot of shuffling around and may have even more replacements brought in if Cody Rhodes is unable to compete.

    For the purposes of this article, we will assume that Rhodes will compete, only because there is no certainty about who would replace him. I won't trust the rumored replacement until it occurs, which will likely be at the moment of the match.

    Team Ziggler and Team Foley will add to the lore of Survivor Series and each member will add either a loss or a victory to their Survivor Series records. While not as illustrious as a WrestleMania win-loss record, Survivor Series is a major event in WWE and the traditional match has built stars over the years.

    Here is the history of these men at Survivor Series and how it may tell a story for what will happen Sunday night.

Dolph Ziggler: 4-1

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    2011: Defended Intercontinental Championship vs. John Morrison

    2011: On Team Barrett, defeated Team Orton

    2010: Defended Intercontinental Championship vs. Kaval

    2009: On Team Miz, defeated Team Morrison

    2006: On Team Spirit Squad, lost to Team WWE Legends (as Nicky)

    Ziggler has never lost at Survivor Series. Only as Nicky, a member of The Spirit Squad, did he fall at Survivor Series.

    Of the four wins, half have been title defenses of Intercontinental Championship reigns, including last year's event. Last year, Ziggler competed twice at the same event.

    Following his title defense, Ziggler was the replacement for Christian on Team Barrett. His team won, even if Ziggler himself lost early on. A year later, Zigger captained his own team for the first time, facing Orton once again and having teammates of Barrett and Cody Rhodes, the survivors from last year's match.

Damien Sandow: Survivor Series Debut

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    Sunday will be the first time Damien Sandow appears at Survivor Series. The Intellectual Savior of the Masses may compete without tag-team partner Cody Rhodes, but Sandow will attempt to make an impact at Survivor Series and try to survive.

    Being a survivor of your team ends up being beneficial to your career. Just ask Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes, the two survivors of last year's Survivor Series match.

    Sandow's goal will be to survive in his first Survivor Series match and strengthen his stock.

Cody Rhodes: 2-3

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    2011: On Team Barrett, defeated Team Orton

    2010: On Team Del Rio, lost to Team Mysterio

    2009: On Team Orton, lost to Team Kingston

    2008: On Team Orton, defeated Team Batista

    2007: Lost World Tag-Team Championship match to Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch (with Hardcore Holly)

    Assuming that Rhodes competes, which may not be the case, this will be the fifth straight year that Rhodes competes in a Survivor Series match. Two years in a row, those teams were named for Randy Orton, a former mentor for Rhodes and current opponent for this year's match.

    The last two years have seen Rhodes compete on teams captained by Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett, fellow teammates of Rhodes this year. Last year, Rhodes survived during the match and has been one of the go-to teammates for Survivor Series in recent years.

    By the way, if Tensai replaces Rhodes, his career record at Survivor Series, under the names of both Albert and A-Train, is 0-4.

Wade Barrett: 1-1

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    2011: Captain of Team Barrett, defeated Team Orton

    2010: Lost to Randy Orton (WWE Championship match)

    Wade Barrett hasn't been around very long, but has had two big roles at Survivor Series.

    Two years ago, it was Barrett trying to win the WWE Championship in a match with Randy Orton that was deemed Free or Fired for special guest referee John Cena. Last year, Barrett kept the feud with Orton going as both men owned their own teams.

    Barrett's beat Orton's and Barrett was one of two men to survive the match. Barrett hopes for more of the same this time around as he faces Orton yet again and hopes to survive once more.

Alberto Del Rio: 0-2

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    2011: Lost WWE Championship to CM Punk

    2010: Captain of Team Del Rio, Lost to Team Mysterio

    Alberto Del Rio hopes to earn his first victory at Survivor Series, but hasn't had great luck in doing so.

    Del Rio captained his own team in his event debut two years ago, only to fall to Team Mysterio. Last year, Del Rio came into Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden as the WWE Champion and lost the match to CM Punk.

    Punk became WWE Champion that night and has had the same reign every day since. One year later, Del Rio has not been a champion of any kind since and hopes to stop the bleeding from his stock with a victory.

Mick Foley: 3-4

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    1999: Lost to New Age Outlaws (World Tag Team Championships) (with Al Snow)

    1998: Lost to The Rock (Deadly Game Finals)

    1998: Defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin (Deadly Game Semifinals)

    1998: Defeated Al Snow (Deadly Game Quarterfinals)

    1998: Defeated Gillberg (Deadly Game First Round)

    1997: Lost to Kane

    1996: Lost to The Undertaker

    I know that Mick Foley isn't actually competing, but it should still mean something that Foley lends his name to this team. He is still the captain, even if he is not competing with the team. It will be the first time since 1999 that Foley has a hand in a Survivor Series match.

    In his career, Foley, who competed as Mankind in all of these matches, has never been involved in a Traditional Survivor Series match. Most of Foley's matches at Survivor Series came in 1998 with the Deadly Game Tournament, losing in the finals to The Rock.

    Outside of that night, Foley has never won at Survivor Series.

The Miz: 1-3

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    2011: Lost to The Rock and John Cena (with R-Truth)

    2009: Captain of Team Miz, defeated Team Morrison

    2008: On Team JBL, lost to Team HBK

    2007: Lost to CM Punk and John Morrison (ECW Championship)

    This shouldn't be much of a shocker. If it isn't all about The Miz, he doesn't win at Survivor Series.

    His only win in four tries was in 2009 when he was the captain of his own team. Now, The Miz going from one team to another has been a major storyline of this match, but we will see how much of a factor The Miz plays in the bout

    It will be his third Traditional Survivor Series match and a step down from last year's event, when The Miz was a part of the main-event tag-team match.

Kofi Kingston: 2-2

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    2011: On Team Orton, lost to Team Barrett

    2010: On Team Mysterio, Defeated Team Del Rio

    2009: Captain of Team Kingston, defeated Team Orton

    2008: On Team Batista, lost to Team Orton

    Three years ago, things were great for Kofi Kingston. Not only did he captain his own Survivor Series team, but Kingston was the sole survivor over Team Orton.

    Now, Kingston heads into his fifth straight Survivor Series match and hopes to break the tie of wins and losses. Kingston is the Intercontinental Champion and will face off in the third-biggest match of Survivor Series, behind the two world-title matches.

    If Kingston does well, as his stock continues to climb, Kingston could make it to those top two matches pretty soon.

Kane: 7-5-2

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    2010: Defended World Heavyweight Championship vs. Edge (declared a draw)

    2008: On Team JBL, lost to Team HBK

    2007: On Team Triple H, defeated Team Umaga

    2006: On Team Cena, defeated Team Big Show

    2005: On Team RAW, lost to Team Smackdown

    2003: Defeated Shane McMahon (ambulance match)

    2002: Lost to Shawn Michaels (Elimination Chamber match)

    2001: On Team WWF, defeated Team Alliance

    2000: Defeated Chris Jericho

    1999: Defeated X-Pac

    1998: Lost to The Undertaker (Deadly Game quarterfinals)

    1997: Defeated Mankind

    1996: Survivor Series Match fought to no-contest (as Diesel)

    1995: On The Royals, lost to The Darkside (as Issac Yankem)

    Few have been in more matches at Survivor Series than Kane, who makes it 15 matches Sunday night and 13 as Kane. The first two were under previous gimmicks, but all seven victories have come as Kane.

    Kane last competed here two years ago, holding on to his world title from a draw. Kane has not won at Survivor Series since 2007.

    Never a captain of his own team, Kane is 3-3 in his career in Traditional Survivor Series matches.

Daniel Bryan: 1-0

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    2010: Defended United States Championship vs. Ted DiBiase

    Don't let the undefeated record impress you. Daniel Bryan has only been in one match at Survivor Series and defended his United States Championship against Ted DiBiase.

    Sunday night, Bryan debuts in the Traditional Survivor Series format. Bryan was missing from last year's event, which brought in ideas that he would cash in Money in the Bank, but he did not.

    Bryan did so the following month at TLC and went into WrestleMania as World Heavyweight Champion. His stock now as compared to two years ago is significantly higher for it, but a win may make the Tag Team Champion a world title contender once again.

Randy Orton: 6-3

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    2011: Captain of Team Orton, lost to Team Barrett

    2010: Defended WWE Championship vs. Wade Barrett

    2009: Captain of Team Orton, lost to Team Kingston

    2008: Captain of Team Orton, defeated Team Batista

    2007: Defended WWE Championship vs. Shawn Michaels

    2006: Co-Captain of Team Rated-RKO, lost to Team DX

    2005: On Team Smackdown, defeated Team RAW

    2004: Captain of Team Orton, defeated Team Triple H

    2003: On Team Bischoff, defeated Team Austin

    Randy Orton is a mainstay in Survivor Series matches, competing in one in seven of the last nine years.

    Orton has captained his own team an incredible five times, but has been the captain in each of his three losses at the event. Basically, not being on Team Orton this year is a good thing.

    In two of the previous three years, a Randy Orton-led team has lost at Survivor Series. Not in charge this time, Orton could be as dangerous as ever.