Does Anybody Watch TNA Anymore?

Stone Roses ReuniteContributor IMarch 18, 2009

TNA, total nonstop action.

I think I should sue for false advertising. Destination X was not nonstop action. It was closer to an episode of Jerry Springer than a wrestling pay-per-view. I've no qualms about saying it was an insult to wrestling fans, be it casual or die-hards.

The Main Event Mafia angle had potential. When it started out I had faith. Angle was the mouthpiece and Sting was the champion. It was bound to end in a classic confrontation.

What happened was that five established performers dominated the promotion. I thought the point of the storyline would be to help build the lesser known superstars. Now tell me how any member of the front line came out of that storyline looking good.

TNA need to stop having a PPV every month. Their last few have been poor. Half the matches on the card aren't given enough build-up and a lot of them wouldn't be out of place on an episode of Impact.

Team 3D last month were just a stepping stone used to set up the Angle and Sting match for Destination X. It was too obvious and it didn't pay off.

Team 3D and Beer Money Inc's match was bad. How can they end a match on PPV the way they did? A count out.

Steiner and Joe is one of the big matches on the card. Didn't last longer than three minutes. That is a joke...although not on the same level. Could you imagine WWE doing that on PPV for a talked up match?

The only answer is no. Wrestling fans want to see wrestling, simple.

The main event was good. But why can't we just have a one-on-one match with no disturbances? I like a bit of drama here and there, but I just feel TNA try too hard when it comes to being creative.

ODB and Shiek's spots were nowhere near worthy of PPV. They've put their X division title on a video game character...months after the games released.

Okay, I've got that off my chest. I don't mean to bash TNA because personally I want to see the company do well and gather new fans up. I just feel that they're in danger of losing the wrestling fans who turned to them.

TNA used to be the alternative to WWE. Now it seems like it's turning into the smaller imitating cousin.