North Carolina Tar Heels To Face Maryland Terrapins In All ACC Finals

Nick BachContributor IMarch 18, 2009

It's been a while since I've been able to get some time set aside to do some writing here, and well, I have a song to go along with it this time. BONUS.

It's probably easier to Listen to the song while you read. Click to listen to the song "Bracket Rap"

Start in the east with Pittsburgh
you know they goin' final four man ain't you heard
Upset number one you know it'll be grate
when Tennessee Volunteers beat Oklahoma State
Wisconsin sucks - I'm picking FSU
They roll into town and beat Xavier too
Second upset now don't call me crazy
when VCU beats up the Bruins Baby

Villanova cuts all that noise
when VCU falls to them Wildcat boys
Upset three involves the Golden Gophers
Texas goes home with their girlie orange loafers
Duke can crush 'em when it's raining threes
Then the Devil's Defense puts them teams on knees
Coach K's got Duke on a mission
Till Blair comes in and wrecks the situation

Goin' dirty south you know the Culmination
Hansbrough rolls with Tar Heel Nation
LSU falls when Butler comes callin'
They try to stay alive but the Heels keep ballin'
Upset four close the door
Western Kentucky can I have some more
Akron goes down to mighty Gonzaga
who then slaps Kentucky like an Austrian Father

Temple Owls, I love ya baby
But Cuse's is ten levels above you baby
We don't give a damn 'bout the whole state of Michigan
the whole state of Michigan, the whole state of Michigan
Upset five, they stayin' alive
Tiger's kill the Sooners on a last second drive
then lose to 'Cuse who played it loose
But North Carolina Come on and raise up

Time for fun, we're headed out west
but let me talk about all the big upsets
Northern Iowa, Utah State
Maryland's goin' to the Elite Eight
Washington plays the UConn Huskies
And beats them bad Thabeet's old and crusty
Washington's put on red alert
But watch out Baby - Here come the Terps!

Goin' Mid West I must confess
Louisville is hot and they pass the test
We Don't give a damn bout the whole state of Michigan
Cause we're from Ohio
Utah and Wake Battle it Out
but the Cards'll be the ones we're talkin' about
Kansas loses to N.D. State
Louisville beats West Virginia isn't that great

So here we are with the Final Four
The Terps send Louisville right out the door
Carolina beats Pittsburgh baby
Cause Tyler's to much and the Panthers get lazy
Maryland Terps 'gainst North Carolina
ACC Basketball, it couldn't be finer
Now this kinda game doesn't happen often
Carolina wins all because of Lawson