Cody Rhodes: Injury Update and How It May Be Great for Team Rhodes Scholars

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistNovember 17, 2012

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Cody Rhodes injured his shoulder and suffered a concussion this past week on WWE Main Event. While he may be out of action for the Survivor Series, this injury may have saved Team Rhodes Scholars.

After being cleanly defeated in their match against the tag team champions Team Hell No, this injury gives Rhodes and Damien Sandow the opportunity for revenge and another title shot.

While no official word has come out of the WWE as yet about Rhodes appearing at the Survivor Series, he did post the following on Twitter:

MRI results...Torn trapezius grade 2. Torn deltoid grade 1. Separated shoulder. No surgery needed. Won't stop us. #boyhooddream...In debt to @TedDiBiase for packing my bag that night, and @TheDamienSandow for refusing to tag me in after I got hurt...protected my career.

This could be the best thing for Team Rhodes Scholars.

The recent tag team tournament for the No. 1 contenders' spot was successful in sparking interest in the tag team division again. Team Rhodes Scholars were the odds-on favorites to win, and they did. But at Hell in a Cell, they only won by disqualification.

Then this past week, they got another shot at the titles on WWE Main Event. They lost that bout—and their potential momentum.

With Rhodes hurt during the bout and his time on the injured list still uncertain, how does Team Rhodes Scholars stay in the title picture? After losing to the champs, how do they justifiably get another shot?

Rhodes returning from injury to exact revenge against Team Hell No would be perfect. 

No matter how long he may be gone, when he does come back, this may be the perfect way to put the teams back together again without another long buildup.

Perhaps this time, they'll capture the gold.