WWE Survivor Series: Predictions for CM Punk vs. Ryback vs. Cena and More

Alex MussoFeatured ColumnistNovember 17, 2012

Photo Courtesy WWE
Photo Courtesy WWE

For those fans who know and love my expert analysis, they'll know that I've already made predictions about WrestleMania XXIX.  While some may come true and others not, one thing I know for sure is that Survivor Series on Sunday will be the first steps on the road to WrestleMania.

Just in time for Survivor Series, here is what is sure to happen this Sunday.  After all, how could my predictions not come true?

Youtube.com Pre-Show


3MB vs. International Airstrike

So the "Job Squad" (3MB) has got a match?  I actually like 3MB (Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater, accompanied by Drew McEntyre), and hope that they get more time on TV.  I think they will, and a win here is a step in the right direction.  The gimmick is pretty entertaining, and if they keep winning, they'll get more attention.  Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel (International Airstrike) just aren't relevant, and it seems WWE wants to give 3MB some sort of a push.  

Prediction: 3MB def. International Airstrike


Main Card 


Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth

What happened to R-Truth?  Last year he was tearing up the microphone, cutting great promos and competing for major championships against top-card talent.  Now he's trying to take the United States Championship off Antonio Cesaro.  He won't.  Cesaro is on the way up, and R-Truth is not.  I expect this match to open the show, with Cesaro retaining.


Prediction: Antonio Cesaro (c) def. R-Truth to retain


Eve Torres (c) vs. Kaitlyn 

This match, for me, is the most difficult to predict.  I can easily see WWE putting the title on Kaitlyn.  But I doubt they will.  I expect to see Eve keep her championship until the Royal Rumble so they can build up a feud with Kaitlyn and flesh out more details on Kaitlyn's attacker (which was either Eve or Goldust, one of the two).

Prediction: Eve Torres (c) vs. Kaitlyn to retain


Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus 

This match is rematch from the show-stealing Hell in a Cell Match three weeks ago.  That match, surprisingly, was perhaps the best of the night.  I don't expect that to happen again.  After last night's SmackDown, they've established that some pretty bad blood now exists.  But not enough to make that match must-see.  I fully expect to see Big Show retain.

Prediction: Big Show (c) def. Sheamus to retain


Team Ziggler vs. Team Foley

This is the traditional Survivor Series match that happens every year at Survivor Series.  Team Ziggler, consisting of Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes (Team Rhodes Scholars), Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio, will face Team Foley, consisting of The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) and Randy Orton, with Mick Foley as the captain.  

This match should be interesting, since Miz is in the middle of a face turn, Team Hell No seems to have run its course, and Ziggler is still carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase. I would be surprised if Team Foley won because Rhodes, Sandow, Ziggler and Wade Barrett are all likely stars going forward and need the push that this win will likely give them.  And with Foley likely more concerned about CM Punk and his title match later, I see Team Ziggler winning.  I also think Ziggler will be the sole survivor, establishing him as a major player and threat to the World Heavyweight Championship.


Prediction: Team Ziggler def. Team Foley


CM Punk (c) vs. Ryback vs. John Cena

This is the main event.  CM Punk looks to run his streak as champion to 365 days, which he will on Monday if he retains.  Spoiler: He will.  Not because I have any secret information, but because, as I have written before, CM Punk will carry that title into his match with the Rock at the Royal Rumble.  

Sorry Cena and Ryback fans, it's just not happening for your wrestlers.  I expect Cena to take the pin, but I also expect Brad Mad-dox (as Punk likes to say it) to get involved in this match.  Ryback won't take the pin and will likely look strong.  Maybe he hits the Shell Shocked on Cena, takes another nutshot and Punk picks up the win.  Maybe AJ betrays Cena and shows she's involved with Punk.  Maybe a hundred different things happen, who really can say?  But one thing we will see for certain is Paul Heyman holding up Punk's title after the match, celebrating another victory.  

Prediction: CM Punk def. Cena and Ryback to retain

Wild Card Predictions

We will see Brad Maddox or AJ Lee interfere in the WWE Championship Match

We will see Big Show retain, Sheamus (or a returning Mark Henry) beat him down after the match and Dolph Ziggler cash in his Money in the Bank contract.


So what do you think?  Am I right (yes) or wrong in my predictions?  What do you think will happen Sunday?