Nottingham Forest and Davies Dicing With Disaster

illya mclellanSenior Analyst IMarch 18, 2009

Nottingham Forest are one of only four English clubs to have won the premier European club football trophy.

At present they find themselves so far from that pinnacle that they could be likened to a man who breaks his leg on the ascent to the base camp at Mt. Everest.

After struggling for most of the season in their return to the championship they did manage under new manager Billy Davies to string some results together after the sacking of Colin Calderwood.

But recently things have taken a turn for the worst and somewhat scarily for the forest faithful they have slipped into relegation places after a 5-0 hammering at the hands of Burnley.

Davies has been in the press saying that some of his players are not taking the game seriously and that their lifestyles off the pitch are to blame for the poor turn of form that the club is experiencing on the pitch.

This type of things is always one of the greatest injustices that football players can do to fans who live and breathe for the success of their club.

In particular fans who would have grown up when Forest were still managed by the occasionally belligerent, frequently astute and fleetingly crazy Brian Clough.

Fans who can look back to the days when their club had a fledgling Roy Keane in their ranks, straight from Ireland, brought there by Brian Clough in one of his inspired moments.

The next few weeks are crucial for the recovery of this once proud club and will be perhaps one of the defining or redefining periods of manager Davies career.

Can he inspire his charges to regather themselves to find the results they need?

The next few weeks have games which will be extremely tough and also some that are no doubt winnable with the players available.

Davies has recently gone on record saying he needs a "Marlon Harewood" type striker to fight relegation.

It seems to this writer that what they need is at least three wins and a draw or preferably four wins.

With Wolves, Barnsley and Bristol in the coming three weeks it would seem that only the Barnsley game is a realistic possibility of a win at this stage.

Mind you, there is nothing like a club struggling against the drop to front up and stuff a team gunning for promotion as Wolves and Bristol are.

After this they have another promotion contender in Sheffield Utd and then their last three games are ones that you think Davies will be targeting with a home game against Chris Colemans mid table Coventry, away to fellow strugglers Blackpool and then a final home game against fellow cellar dwellers Southampton.

So if you look at it the four wins are there for Forest and they could realistically avoid the drop if things go their way.

For the sake of the memory of one of English football's greatest characters and managerial maestro's, the great Brian Clough, you would hope that this former champion of Europe can resurrect its ailing fortunes.