Letter To The People: Are We All Christian Caged Up Again?

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 18, 2009

This is the first letter not going to the Parliament, but to ourselves. While we all have Wrestlemania fever, my case has heated up. I cannot resist this year's MITB. It has been drawing me in, and I believe this year could be the year I've been waiting for.

Lately, in the barrage of all these Wrestlemania predictions, I hear something familiar. Constant babbling about no other than captain charisma himself, Christian. Well, why not write something? After ranting to the the Parliament, it's time to rant at fellow peers.

DM Resolved 1: Christian was in TNA not too long ago

He was in TNA, made a less than stellar debut in ECW, and hasn't helped the ratings rise that much. Sure lets give him the case! No one has to wait a while.

DM Resolved 2: His pop on RAW was as flat as bubble-less soda

I believe he was on RAW twice already. No one is really screaming for this guy, but then again, he's the only plausible winner..who cares?

DM Resolved 3: Vince isn't too fond of him

Yeah Vince doesn't like him too much, but he's going to win anyway. If Vince calls the shots, will Christian win? Hmmm. If there is another option, would Vince rather go with it?

DM Resolved 4: Fellow ex-TNA star R-Truth is pretty darn good, but what happened to him? "What's up!"

R-Truth returned to the WWE and was looking better than ever. Great in the ring, and great crowd interaction, but all steam has cool down. I bet now he's asking what's up?

DM Resolved 5: Chris Jericho is a trillion times better than Christian, but didn't win his first Wrestlemania back, let alone the MITB

Jericho was gone for years as well and didn't win the MITB when he returned. Jericho is an established main eventer anyway. Jeff Hardy took a while to get over the TNA hump as well, but not Christian..he's just too special.

DM Resolved 6: If they wanted to give him a strap, they would have put him against Swagger for the ECW title

If they wanted to give the man a strap, they would have. Christian could have defeated Swagger at Wrestlemania for the ECW title, but he's going to win the MITB and cash it on...Cena or Edge? Yes he will! I can hear the babbling already, then again, there is no other option.

DM Resolved 7: Regardless of the fact that he may be a smoke screen, many believe he will win

No explanation needed (see: 5,000 Christian articles in the archives)

DM Resolved 8: He might be a smoke screen

(See DM Resolved 10)

DM Resolved 9: There are wrestlers in that match who are long overdue for their push

We all know that captain charisma isn't the only deserving one.

DM Resolved 10: Since returning, he hasn't lived up the hype, so why reward him? (See ECW ratings, and DM Resolved)

DM Resolved 11: WWE is predictable, but Christian winning is too damn predictable. They've thrown curve balls...and they love to shut us up.

Do I have to explain the curve balls? If you've been watching the shows and keeping up, then you'll know them.

The scope has multiple lenses. This isn't Taker vs HBK. Say what you must, but until everything is said and done, I will not step down. I cannot predict the future, but using some logic helps to put forth an argument. I can be dead wrong, but the scope has many lens, look through them.