ECW's Dungeon Gets Some Light: Dirt Sheet Goes Awry, Bourne To Face a Kidd

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 18, 2009

I watched ECW last night, I was excited. Not only because Mr. Benjamin defeated MVP, but Evan Bourne returned. I was ready to bash ECW the same way I did to RAW. Swagger's segment was horrendous. I'm a fan of Swagger, but come on.

"I wasn't in action last week, and I won't be tonight, but I just thought I'd come out. Everyone can feast your eyes on the 2-TIME, 2-TIME ALL-AMERICAN AMERICAN..JACK SWAGGER!"

He said something along the lines of that. Who the heck does he thinks he is, Booker-T?! My goodness. Anyway through the other lens I suppose he was just generating heat like any other heel would, but that was just not needed.

The Finlay searching for Hornswoggle angle was just crap. I swear they shouldn't be saying Finlay loves to fight, they should be saying Finlay loves to babysit.

"My Name's Finlay, and I love my son!"

Please excuse the tangents, ECW was so bad I couldn't resist. However, there were some silver linings in that dark cloud. Light finally appeared in the dungeon again. Since I'm on tangents, I have another one that I'll cover briefly.

Miz and Morrison did their Dirt Sheet show as ECW's main event. I was skeptical....there is a show for a main event. Anyway, they put on some funny looking masks and make fun of the Colons. I actually was laughing, something I couldn't do watching RAW the previous night.

The real Colons come out of course and challenge Miz and Morrison at WrestleMania 25 with both tag titles on the line for a unification. Finally! Did I mention that Miz and Morrison had the Bella Twins with them? Anyway, they spit apples of course and the apple chunks hit one Bella Twin as Miz and Morrison evade the barrage.

The Bella twins get into a tussle after one laughs at the other one. One twin is heel as the other is face, one stays with the Colons as the other goes with Miz and Morrison....hmmm

Getting back on track, Evan Bourne faced off against Jamie Noble. It was quite obvious that Bourne was going to win this one. Noble tried, but was getting destroyed from almost every spot. Bourne put on a show as he cruised to victory, welcome back man.

He was being watched though. Backstage on the flat screen, Bourne's match was being watched closely by Natalya and Tyson Kidd. Kidd already looks like an arrogant young heel. He is undefeated and he'll be barking up Bourne's tree in due time.

This feud may have some potential, I like it. Bourne vs Kidd. High flying bonanza. These are two pretty good superstars who can really further their progress in the company with a well planned out feud. I'm for it, what do you think? We might have to wait a couple of weeks, but I look forward to this possible showdown.