Will The Miz Be the Lone Survivor at WWE Survivor Series?

Tom ClarkFeatured Columnist IVOctober 15, 2016

Well well, look who’s finally on the way back up.  Took long enough, right?

While the recent turn of events this week on WWE programming does not necessarily mean that he’s headed back to the main event, The Miz definitely seems to be in line for something more than what he’s received in quite a while.

And it came from out of nowhere, didn’t it?  One minute Miz is working a program with Kofi Kingston, losing the Intercontinental Championship and hosting an in-ring talk show that never felt as if it really got off the ground, next minute he’s apparently turning babyface and named the fifth man on Team Foley at Survivor Series.

Again, it may not exactly be the definition of a huge push, but it’s perhaps a step in the right direction.

A lot is being made of whether or not Miz can be trusted by his teammates, who understandably don’t think too highly of him.  The guy has been a heel for a long time and had heat with everyone on the team.  Storyline wise, he’s not really as much of a teammate as he is a distraction.

But the reality is that this match needed a little something extra.  When the match was changed, with WWE Champion CM Punk and Ryback being removed from the equation, the concern was likely very apparent for the company.  

How do we sell this?

Team Foley, along with Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow on the other side of the ring, should actually be enough to get the fans’ interest, especially since it is a traditional Survivor Series style match.  There is a lot of talent in this one, after all.

But a straightforward contest minus the champ and his No. 1 contender was evidently a negative in the minds of WWE creative, despite the amount of talent still involved.

So, they threw in the Miz, who if not for having words with Ziggler on Raw would not have even been considered for this spot.  Now, instead of your run of the mill, A to Z 10-man tag team match, you have all kinds of questions revolving around a last-minute entry.

One of those questions has to be, is Miz truly turning face?  

He seems to have no reason to do so, the guy has been so anti-fan, so anti-authority for practically his entire career and has done a pretty good job of getting over with fans.  At any given time, he could be plugged in against any face on the card and at least be able to hold his own.

But with the rise of Ziggler, the return of Barrett, and the dominating run of Punk as a heel, the door seems to be wide open for a new babyface to take the spotlight.  And considering that Miz seemed to be floundering somewhat since his return, the truth is, it may as well be him.

However if he really is making the turn, then WWE will have to do a lot more than just have him play nice with Mick Foley.  Miz has a long history to overcome and that leads to the issue of just how strong he is right now.

Does he have enough force of character to make fans forget he was heel and appreciate him for what he does in the ring?

The fact is, it’s not that WWE Superstars have an easier time getting over as heels, a lot of that depends on the individual worker and what he or she is capable of.  But, it’s honestly not very hard to get fans to hate you.  Curse them enough, jump enough babyfaces, and it all tends to happen pretty quickly.  

But, to make them like you?  To come out with a smile on your face and do everything in your power to get on their good side?  That takes a bit more effort and does not always work.  

Assuming though that Miz is turning the corner here and getting the second wind that many fans have been hoping he would get, then the last concern becomes, will that new chance come at the expense of Dolph Ziggler?

Will Miz become the unlikely hero of Team Foley at Survivor Series and get the winning pinfall?  Will he be given this moment to truly do something new and get his career going on a different path?

Could this match end with Miz standing as the lone Survivor, his arm raised, as fans cheer his victory? It’s a strange turn of events, one that we didn’t see coming.

But it could be that this is The Miz’s time to shine.  And, it’s about time.