WWE Hall of Fame Is A Sham

dav brenContributor IMarch 18, 2009

I'm sure the WWE started the Hall of Fame with the best intentions, but something has being lost ever since.

This year's candidates have been announced, and, to my surprise, KoKo B. Ware will be inducted. Yes, you could argue KoKo is certainly famous and instantaneously recognizable, but that doesn't automatically mean he should be inducted into a Hall of Fame.

The HOF is supposed to be the ultimate accomplishment for a wrestler, the highest accolade, so why this year is a man who has never held the WWE, heavyweight, intercontinental, U.S., or any major tag title up for this honor?

Koko is a two-time U.S.W.A champion; his first one was won in February 1992 from Kamala and lost in the rematch in March, while the second was won from King Jerry Lawler but again lost in the rematch seven days later.

Hardly the stuff of Hall of Fame legend.

His inclusion just confirms what I already suspected about the hall. It all started in 2004 when Greg the Hammer was inducted, and all I could remember of him was the great Gorilla Monsson saying, "It takes the Hammer 15 minutes just to get warmed up." The funny part is that Hammer was always on his back in less than 10 minutes.

I realized that maybe Hammer had been big at one time, as WWE has a tendency to bring back wrestlers from the past and treat them like cannon fodder. Saba Simba, Skinner, and Bob Backland were all big-time players, at one point.

But I was around during KoKo's prime. I used to look forward to his matches, mainly because of his Ghostbuster finisher. I enjoyed watching him. But I don't think he's Hall-worthy.

There are other wrestlers that don't belong either, although I'm not as informed on those. In my eyes, the only reason Peter Mavia and Rocky Johnson were inducted into the HOF was to try and entice The Rock into having some sort of involvement in Wrestlemania weekend.

You may disagree, and if you do, consider this: Why would Pete Rose get inducted? Just to open the door for other celebrities? Does William Perry really deserve a place in the HOF for one match, when there have been wrestlers fighting night after night who get no recognition? Its' just another reason for the WWE to get cheap publicity for the big weekend.

While WWE's HOF may have started off well, big stars like Macho Man and The Ultimate Warrior are ignored year after year, and the real reason Koko is there is probably as a filler. He was a well-liked wrestler, but that doesn't translate into being Hall-worthy. And while the WWE likes to put in one big name every year, it's wrong to call that a Hall of Fame. 

By that logic, are we to expect next year's ceremony to include The Rock, Ron Simmons, Pamela Anderson, and Papa Shango to fill the void?

Is it possible after Mr. T opted out Koko was choose for a lack presence this year?

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