WWE Should Use Alberto Del Rio's Genuine Dislike for the Miz in Storyline

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistNovember 16, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

If the writing is dull, take as much of it out of the writers' hands as possible.

The reality is, "art imitating life" goes a long way. There is real emotion at the core of art and any fan can feel it. The intelligent fan buys into art because he or she knows it has reality-based elements which make it more interesting to watch.

Taking all of this into account, give me a feud with Alberto Del Rio and The Miz.

Alberto Del Rio has been vocal in interviews on his thoughts about The Miz. He called him a stupid little kid in one Northern California radio interview in early 2012. Just recently, in an interview done this week in Cleveland, he took a subtle shot at The Miz. He made mention of WWE having performers who can't wrestle, one of them “being from here”—meaning Cleveland, from where The Miz is billed.

I think Del Rio has all the physical tools but his feuds are an issue. I never feel connected to them. I don't feel like I know why he is fighting someone. Del Rio fighting for the world title wore thin after so many losses and what seemed like no real progression.

Bringing authentic conflict to the screen could be the shot of energy Del Rio's whole WWE career needs, as well as The Miz's career as he starts as a face.

One of the elements that made The Miz successful when he got to the top and feuded with John Cena was his story. The story always works.

CM Punk's story helped get him over. Shawn Michaels chased the boyhood dream. Stone Cold Steve Austin got fired by WCW and led the WWE during the era they defeated WCW. The Miz—with his verbal talent and WWE's production team―told a great story.

From reality television to bottom of the barrel in WWE to main-eventing WrestleMania, everyone knew The Miz from the Real World. He told the story of veteran JBL making him dress in the hall. It furthered his loudmouth, easy-to-hate persona.

Now, he's a face.

Miz has earned respect from so many, but still legitimately doesn't have it from another veteran in the pro-wrestling business. Ironically, he's a character who often gets labeled as a Mexican version of JBL.

Matt Hardy/Edge/Lita storyline.

Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

Chris Benoit and Kevin Sullivan.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle.

These are a few examples of real life and television entertainment crossing over. For many of these, the audience became aware of the lines that were being blurred. You never hear the critique of it being boring. It isn't boring because it isn't forced or booked/written by someone who is out of touch. It's reality.

The Miz versus Alberto Del Rio could work. The two are professionals; they will do business, but it won't take away from the organic conflict and feelings that will fill the segments.

We have nothing to prove The Miz has any issue with Del Rio. It seems by his lack of silence that perhaps he doesn't. This could be part of the story.

The on-screen rivalry could be what both need at this particular time in their WWE careers.

Del Rio can reach his destiny of providing must-see segments and conflict. The Miz can chase his most awesome accomplishment of earning Del Rio's respect the hard way.