Super Bowl Odds: NFC

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMarch 21, 2008

I, as I have said before, am a math person, and I like numbers. I was thinking about Super Bowl Odds. Putting together my math and sports, I created my own slate. NFL-Buffalo_Bills-Miami_Dolphins-New_England_Patriots-My_Super_Bowl_Odds_AFC-140308">I already did the AFC. Now, I do the NFC.

Odds to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl:

The Favorite

Dallas Cowboys             Odds: 2-1

The Contenders

New Orleans Saints       Odds: 4-1

New York Giants           Odds: 6-1

Philadelphia Eagles         Odds: 10-1

Seattle Seahawks          Odds: 10-1

Tampa Bay Bucs            Odds: 15-1

Minnesota Vikings          Odds: 15-1

Dark Horses

Green Bay Packers           Odds: 30-1

Washington Redskins       Odds: 45-1

San Francisco 49ers        Odds: 50-1

Detroit Lions                   Odds: 55-1

Carolina Panthers            Odds: 60-1

Arizona Cardinals             Odds: 60-1

Long Shots

Chicago Bears                 Odds: 90-1

Atlanta Falcons               Odds: 200-1

St. Louis Rams                Odds: 400-1

Hope you enjoyed this article.