Enough Is Enough!: Loyal Raiders Fans Rally Behind Al Davis

Andres SoteloCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2008

In my previous article i acknowledged and recognized how this nation of Raiders remain loyal through the good and the bad. But There is no question we had many problems last season. And there is doubt many are questioning some of Davis n companies decision making.

Many believe that the main issue with our team was not being able to stop the run. And without any question that is a true statement, but i don't believe that was our main problem. Then what was it? Well i believe our main problem was that Kiffin n Company failed to teach our Oakland Raiders the key ingredient to winning, and that's believing that they will win. You see i feel they believed in Kiffin, they believed in the system but we all saw that something was missing. I remember distinctly looking at Sapp and the rest of the team last year after they had got there second win in .......All i got from his facial expression was how he couldn't believe they actually pulled that win off, for once in a long time. Unfortunately it was the only one of the season but had he believed they would've won, his facial expression would have told us, 'Better Believe it, Here we come!'. I'm well aware Its a tough mentality switch to turn on, especially when your so accustomed to only winning a few games each season like we have. I think that will be the toughest job for our Raiders young head coach to accomplish. To get this bad vibe of  losing that has haunted us for the past 5 years.

But no matter what our record was last year, 31 teams failed to obtain the main objective of this game and that's to win a Superbowl. But rule out those Oakland raiders, we don't know how to win and don't know how to keep stability! Well you tell that to Davis, the "Dictator who will give orders till his last breath has past"...because guess what, hes giving the right orders and paying the necessary price, literally. He's bringing high profile players in no matter the cost to win may be. Hes not only converting these players into Raiders, hes not only bringing them for the coaches but most importantly hes bringing these new Raiders in to give those 11 men on the field a fighting better chance to win on Sundays. Truth is from a media perspective; It doesn't matter what our owner does or isn't doing, because his antics will always be negatively approached. It doesn't matter who we bring in or how much we pay them. For instance, look at every player the Raiders have picked up from free agency and what the media is saying about them...Hall has an attitude, Walker is injury prone, D.Carter is inconsistent i mean its kind of ridiculous. If we brought in Brady the league would probably say " Well Brady's days are numbered and he had a injured foot last year". But because of who Al is, they fail to acknowledge the great abilities these players have to offer for the future of the Oakland Raiders. If you don't have respect for the die hard raider fans you see in the coliseum, that's fine but don't pick apart our newest editions in every negative way because you have a grudge with our owner. We embrace these players with what they have to offer, not for whats occured in the past. Yesterdays gone.

Now Im no bias man, but for anybody to question Als motives would be unethical and unrealistic. Had he stood around for another five years and watched his team falter even lower even with showings no signs of promise, then i would understand where your coming from. The time is now, he along with all the NFL saw flashes and the potential for what this team is about to become. We are finally moving in the right direction.

Its easy to kick a team when they're down.. So i say to the media who don't believe in this franchise to take all the shots that they can now, cause they might not have all those opportunities when we begin winning games next season. We just had a few pieces missing from the puzzle and a lacking mentality to win. Were now close to a complete puzzle, a now experienced head coach and a team hungrier to win then in a long time. I believe Al is ready for his final  masterpeice to unfold. Hes also sending a message across the whole team and organization. That winning is his first priority and he wont accept anything less any longer. Now every player in that locker room isn't no longer saying "Im in"....but rather "I will". I believe that's the attitude we need. And Regardless of all the ridiculous rumors and controversy surrounding Al & Lane that people live for, here is the bottom line..... the youngest coach in the NFL still IS, the youngest coach in the NFL, and hes not going anywhere anytime soon. As a proud member of the Nation of Raiders, I trust in Davis n company and rally behind his decision making.  I don't believe we can win the west next year, i know we will.

And one more thing....To all the negative and false reporting on the Oakland Raiders, Enough is Enough. Go use your college degrees to report who Tony Romo is dating this month, ....pathetic.