F1: Yep! I'm Brushing Up On Racing, You Know We Got New Rules, Don't You ?

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F1: Yep! I'm Brushing Up On Racing, You Know We Got New Rules, Don't You ?

Some F1 fans say overtaking is overrated and the less of it the better the spectacle, humm, well! with the new rules, if the drivers want to please the hardcore F1 fans then they should just pass once or twice.

The less the better, right?

Will the new rule of "wins determined the championship" weed out the real drivers from the pretenders? Just asking, I'm not judging, yet.

Now they actually have to show their skill on overtaking don't they? I would assume they have to overtake and be overtaken to race for a win. Don't they?

Race a race car! God! call the church elders, there is sinning going on in F1, they may actually have to race.

Overtaking has to be the most heart thumping move in racing, here is a clip for some of us who have forgotten the concept...click and enjoy..(please watch the whole clip)


I hope you click the link and watched the whole clip, if you did not, you will miss the point I'm trying to make in this article.

This new rule (I hope) will make those scenarios happen time and time again on most races.

How can anyone say those moves are overrated? I know it may take time away from some fans afternoon tea , because you know, something exciting might happen while they're heating a muffin.

This rule will make these teams race week in and week out, the only  concern I have is; will the teams out of the running by mid-season pack it up and just participate on a Sunday drive?

I guess we will see how this works soon enough, I'll leave that analysis to the experts, I'm just a fan with an opinion and we should all thank God for that..lol.

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