WWE Survivor Series 2012: Latest on Cody Rhodes' Replacement for Team Ziggler

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistNovember 15, 2012


As seen on WWE Main Event, Cody Rhodes took a major bump after being the recipient of a Kane back body drop. His status does not look good going into the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Rhodes was originally a part of the "Team Ziggler" traditional five-man Survivor Series tag team, which also consisted of fellow Rhodes Scholars teammate Damien Sandow, Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler.

The latest update is that Rhodes will indeed be replaced by none other than Tensai (h/t Wrestling Inc.).

This shows how much the WWE talent roster is lacking in depth, seeing how Tensai is the first choice to join Team Punk. Tensai has been on an abysmal streak as of late and has not merited an inclusion to the team whatsoever.

Here are a few other heels that could argue receiving a spot on Team Punk.


Brad Maddox

Brad Maddox has risen in popularity in the WWE ever since he cost Ryback an opportunity to become WWE Champion in the Hell in a Cell match against CM Punk. On the episode of Raw in Columbus, Ohio, Maddox was annihilated by Ryback and eventually thrown in an ambulance.

Maddox could be a suitable replacement for Cody Rhodes, regaining any heel heat that may have been extinguished from his recent beating on Raw.


Any member from 3MB could replace Rhodes, but since only one could be chosen, Heath Slater would fit the mold. Surprisingly, after a few name changes and new theme music, 3MB is actually starting to catch on. The trio is even winning more matches than they have collectively in quite some time.

Giving a member of 3MB a spot on the PPV would be a good way to further push them, and if Slater pins Daniel Bryan or Kane, they could even rise in tag team title contention.


Afters a ridiculously long tenure in remaining in NXT after winning season four, Johnny Curtis has been repackaged with a new gimmick, Fandango. From the dark matches, it seems as if Curtis has a sense of cockiness to him, which would fit right into the personalities of Team Punk.

Even if Fandango is another "flash-in-the-pan" gimmick created by the WWE, at least a debut on Survivor Series can be memorable.

Michael McGuillicuty

I have yet to understand why the WWE has refused to give this guy a shot. He has the look, does a great job playing a rugged heel and comes from the legendary Hennig family. Still, he remains regulated to NXT after being a member of the Nexus in 2010.

McGuillicuty could finally have on opportunity to establish himself as a solid mid-card heel by becoming a member of Team Punk.

Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez could be thrown onto Team Punk at Survivor Series. Admittedly, he is more over than Tensai at the moment (and probably for the foreseeable future). Since Albert Del Rio is already on the team, it would make sense for a reluctant Rodriguez to be the fifth member.

Plus, the comic relief that Rodriguez portrays while in the ring would be a nice addition to the Survivor Series PPV.


Who do you think should join Team Punk? Should it be the rumored Tensai, one of the said options or someone else? Comment civilly below.


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