March Madness Without Online Gambling

Drunk LeprechaunContributor IMarch 18, 2009

So it’s Wednesday, and like half the country I’m trying to get my NCAA brackets done for Thursday, not to mention trying to organize the rest of the brackets in the annual office pool. 


Now keep in mind that these brackets are being filled out strictly for entertainment purposes only.


With that being said, it brings me to some thoughts behind gambling in the United States.


When placing bets, March Madness is right up there with Superbowl Sunday.  The only difference is that we have numerous days of basketball available for action compared to the one day for the Superbowl. 


It would just be so much easier to log onto an online gambling website, and not only do my brackets, but maybe place a few bets on the side.


Up until a few years ago this was a legal practice in the states. Granted, all of the online sites were being run by offshore casinos but that really didn’t make a difference. As long as they would credit the winning accounts, I’m sure everyone loved it.


Like most good things, the US government decided to step in and make this illegal to do. Was it that too many politicians were in the pockets of Las Vegas lobbyists and corporations who cried they were losing out on millions? 


Let’s just imagine for a minute what the taxes from online gaming could do to help lower the national debt. Maybe this makes too much sense, or maybe there really are good reasons that I just can’t see.


Regardless of online gambling, people are still going to visit Vegas, so you can eliminate the excuse of declining tourism.   


I do know that just like each and every year, the country will go into deeper financial trouble, while money is sitting right there waiting to offset the national debt.


The politicians should just make a courageous decision on online gambling instead of trying to control every aspect of the citizen.  With this plan in place the Vegas casinos could even get in on the action. 


I’m sure many would be elated to be able to choose online wagering through MGM or Wynn, not to mention a host of others.


I know this is all wishful thinking, but think to yourself how much easier this would make things for you, the office pool manager. 


Instead, the government will watch from the sideline as all that possible tax money continues to fall by the wayside.  


As this ban continues, pool managers throughout the country will continue to appreciate the process of chasing the office stiff into April to collect his entry fee.