The Bratty Jay Cutler: I Can't Keep My Thoughts Quiet Any Longer

Matt CullenAnalyst IMarch 18, 2009

I'm sure there has been several opinion articles written about the situation in Denver with Jay Cutler wanting to be traded, but this is something that I just cannot pass up writing about. Every time I hear about how Jay Cutler feels betrayed, it makes my blood boil.

On Christmas Eve of 2007, there was memorable moment in a game between the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos, where Phillip Rivers, along with a couple of other teammates, were seen taunting Jay Cutler after Cutler failed to convert on a fourth-down play with his team down 23-3.

My reaction from this was that Phillip Rivers was a punk as well, as I'm sure other people thought as well. Events have transpired since then that hints it may have been just the opposite.

This offseason has seen a lot of players who have meant a lot to their teams for a long time get dumped. Orlando Pace, Derrick Brooks, and Marvin Harrison come to mind, as well Mike Vrabel getting thrown in a deal for which the Patriots received a second-round pick.

Brian Dawkins probably the most shocking, coming off another Pro-Bowl year was allowed to sign with the Denver Broncos. Only a year ago did we see Brett Favre, of all people, get traded away after finishing second in the MVP voting the year before.

It's been a reiteration that the NFL is a business, and that very few players are safe and management will do what they feel is best for their team.

There's a brat out in Denver, Colorado that thinks he is above this though. A 25-year-old kid from Vanderbilt, with undoubtedly the tools to be an all-time great but isn't there yet.

A kid who is 17-20 in his career, despite playing in a bad division, and throws a lot of interceptions, despite having good receivers to throw to.

This is the same kid who took the starting job from Jake Plummer only a year after Plummer led the Broncos to the AFC Championship Game. Plummer was 7-4 the year he was replaced, Mike Shanahan said that Jay Cutler gave the Denver Broncos the best chance to win.

Cutler went 2-3 in the Broncos remaining games as they barely missed the play-offs.

Now, it's unreasonable to attack a rookie QB for the way things turned out, but Cutler should have taken from the situation seeing Jake Plummer get benched is that it is a business and emotions don't get in the way.

But when Cutler found out that his new coach, Josh McDaniels, was looking to shop the young QB, possibly in an effort to acquire Matt Cassel, with whom he worked with in New England, Prince Cutler was flabbergasted.

The nerve of them! I'm Jay Cutler, sure I may be 17-20 as a starting QB and have never made the playoffs, but I have a stronger arm than John Freaking Elway!

Josh McDaniels doesn't owe anything to Jay Cutler, just like Ken Whisenhunt didn't owe it to Matt Leinart to blindly start him when Ken felt that he had a better alternative at QB.

Cutler has been more impressive than Matt Leinart, but if Josh McDaniel thinks that he can make his team better by bringing in his guy, then he should do it. Josh McDaniel didn't draft Cutler, he sure doesn't owe him anything.

The trade didn't happen so at this point Jay, you should shut your mouth and prove to your coach on the field that trading you would have been a mistake. Be happy that you were and are wanted by NFL teams.

Can you imagine Donovan McNabb crying over being benched? McNabb took his anger out in the game, proving to Andy Reid and any possible doubters that he is still a starting QB and can lead a team through the play-offs.

Jay Cutler will never become an elite QB if he isn't mentally tough like a Donovan McNabb. He needs to get over his shattered ego, shut his mouth, and play football.