Louisville-Morehead State Preview: Is This the Year of the 16-Over-1 Upset?

Justin FiehrerCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2009

In the two days remaining before the NCAA Tournament, I will be previewing the 1- vs. 16-seed matchups and determining if any of the underdogs have a chance.

Since the field has expanded to 64 teams (and now 65), 16 seeds are 0-98. However, there's always a possibility, no matter how slim. There have been close games in the past and maybe, just maybe, we'll see a real surprise this year.

Here we go:


(1) Louisville Cardinals vs. (16) Morehead State Eagles

This game could be considered a rematch, as the two teams met in late December. In that contest, Louisville trounced the Eagles by 38, winning 79-41.

Since struggling late in non-conference play, the Cardinals have been possibly the hottest team in the country; they won the Big East regular-season title as well as the conference title.

Things look good for Louisville as they go into this year's tournament. Pitino's zone-oriented defense has frustrated a lot of teams this season, and big men down low, Earl Clark and Samardio Samuels, have been especially effective.


Morehead State comes into this game after winning the play-in game vs. Alabama State. In that bout, the Eagles used their own daunting defense to hold the Hornets to just 43 points.

The Eagles have just one senior on their roster, Leon Buchanan; he's their leading scorer.

Big man Kenneth Faried will look to be the leading rebounder against the Cardinals. He's recorded an outstanding 24 double-doubles and has 20-plus rebounds in three games this season, including the Tuesday night showdown.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, only six men get the majority of playing time. They are really going to have to execute in every category if they want to compete with the Cardinals.


When teams can't put up a lot of points against Louisville, the Cardinals generally have their way.

Well, Morehead State doesn't score all that often, so this probably won't be too pretty for the the Eagles.

In the past, teams who have participated in the play-in game do not fare too well in their next matchup. But then again, who does do well against one seeds?


Final Score

Louisville 81, Morehead State 52