Saint Marty's Day

JerseySenior Analyst IMarch 13, 2017

He tied the record in his hometown of Montreal, the city in which Patrick Roy spent his glory years.

Tonight, he broke the record in front of the home crowd, in front of the same fans that have been cheering him his entire career.

And he did it, of all days, on Saint Patrick's Day. As Chico Resche eloquently put it, it is now Saint Marty's Day.

Three Stanley Cups, four Vezinas, and 552 wins. All for one team.

A hearty mazel tov to Marty on setting the record. He will go down as the greatest goaltender in history, and it's an honor to cheer for his team.

(Meanwhile, the Devils' own Patrik, one Patrik Elias, set a record of his own: he is now the Devils' career leader in points. Let's not forget about him, even on Marty's big night. A big mazel tov to Patrik as well.)

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