Seattle Mariners' To-Do List: Get Rid of These Four Players

Hayato UwaiCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2009

The Mariners have a lot to do to rebuild their team. Jack Zduriencik, our new GM, started by bringing some young talents like Mike Carp, Jesus Delgado, Garrett Olson and so on.

But the M's have a few things to do rather quickly, which is to get rid of some players who do nothing and eat up money. So here are the players:


Jarrod Washburn

He was a solid starter, but he isn't worth the money the Mariners are paying him. He has never had a winning season as a Mariner and continues to struggle at Safeco Field, which is surprising because Safeco Field is known as a pitcher's park.

His four-year contract signed back in 2005 expires after this season, and it's unlikely that the Mariners will bring him back in 2010. Zduriencik will hopefully try to trade him if possible to get something in return because Washburn won't be a "Type A" or "Type B" free agent.


Carlos Silva

Also another pitcher that used to be a solid starter, but again isn't worth the contract that was signed. We all know that this signing was a terrible move by the Mariners organization.

That's one of the reasons why the M's fans hate Bill Bavasi. Anyways, he started off well last season by winning three in a row, but he began to struggle after that. It would be tough to move him, but if Zduriencik can find a bargain like he did with Aaron Heilman, he should trigger a trade.


Ichiro Suzuki

You might say "why?" Yes, he is one of the top hitters in the entire Major League Baseball and he provides gold grove defense in right field and last year as the center fielder, But he will turn 36 after this season. 

Ichiro still has three years of his contract left and at at $18 million per year for the next three years for a singles hitter isn't worth it. He won't be "Type A" or "Type B" free agent when his contract expires, meaning that the Mariners would get nothing out of this guy.

Why not just trade him elsewhere and get some decent prospects in return?

He can still hit for well over .300, can steal over 30 bases per year, and has the gold glove defense. There should be a team, which needs that. Keeping Ichiro in Seattle means keeping the Mariners from rebuilding their team.

Hopefully, Zduriencik will try to trade him at the trade deadline this year.


Kenji Johjima

Jeff Clement, Rob Johnson, and Adam Moore developing rapidly. Now, Johjima needs to get out of here. His 2008 season was terrible, only hit bit over .200, he can't throw runners out, and lost his starting job.

Don Wakamatsu said that he would start Johjima on the opening day, but before Johjima struggles again, get someone in return for him.

For example, acquire Jeremy Hermida from the Florida Marlins for Johjima and if not maybe Moore or Johnson for Hermida. It is more than unlikely, but the Marlins did want either Moore or Johnson for Hermida, meaning that they really are trying for a catcher.

Maybe give it a shot if the Marlins show some interest on Johjima, Moore or Johnson for Hermida? The Mariners can start from there.

Tell me who else the Mariners should get rid of, but I believe these four players are the ones who are overrated, paid way too much, and don't actually help the team but in actuality hinder the team.