Michigan Mailbag Question: Will Tate Survive -- Posted 3/4/09

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IMarch 18, 2009

Do you guys think that Tate will last very long? His physical situation leaves much to be desired, and I cringe when I think that a guy my size is getting crushed by guys three times my size on a regular basis.

I believe he will be submitted to big hits many times a game (a la McGuffie), especially if, and when, he keeps it on the spread option. I am thinking injuries, injuries, injuries. Do you think Coach Rod will alter his game plan to minimize the amount of punishment Tate will take early on?


Thanks for the question.

In a perfect world, we are convinced that Coach Rod would love to protect both of his freshmen quarterbacks and rely on Michigan’s running backs and other skill positions to carry the load.

Coach Rod and staff would prefer that his freshmen quarterbacks be used sparingly, both in the passing and running game. For this to happen, the offensive line has to play better, Minor needs to stay healthy, and the slot receivers and split ends need to improve.

If any of these things do not happen, it is likely that Coach Rod and staff will have to rely on the freshmen to get the job done any way possible.

We felt the same way last year. Coach Rod and staff would've preferred to not have to count on Threet to run the ball, or Sheridan to throw.

The problem was that circumstances made Michigan use personnel in ways they would have preferred not too. Coach Rod maybe forced to do the same this season with his freshmen quarterbacks.

We'll have a better handle on Tate's toughness after spring practices once we watch him in action in a helmet and pads playing against a real defense. So far, all we know about him is what we hear from reports of him throwing, in t-shirt and shorts, with no pass rush. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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