Michigan Mailbag Question: High Schools That Recruit Players -- Posted on 3/3/09

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IMarch 18, 2009

I read where the recruit from St. Edwards will possibly transfer to Glenville and play for Ginn.

Is this common for a high school kid to go from a Catholic school, which has a good education and good football program, to transfer to a public school like Glenville.

Do you guys see this as getting out of hand,  high school coaches recruiting kids to come to their high school?

I realize it has been going on for quite awhile.

Dan D.


Thanks for the question.

This happens more than people realize. We see a couple of transfers per year from parochial programs to public schools. They usually are not the caliber of athlete of Glenville kids, we agree that is unusual.

Transferring has been going on more and more since Ohio opened up transfer rules so players did not have to sit out a season.

Ginn seems to be able to use his “Ginn School” along with the illusion of being able to help kids get a college football scholarship. Most of these kids would probably be able to get a scholarship on their own, but Ginn has the connections to college coaches including Tressel at Ohio State where a lot of players from Ginn’s school have attended.

Back in the day, Cincinnati Moeller use to be a powerhouse recruiter when they won five national championships, seven state championships. They use to recruit kids from as far away as Indiana and Kentucky.

Any public school program who does not sell their program to prospective athletes (aka recruit) is not going to be very successful.

As long as private schools recruit, public school programs will be forced to match their efforts. Yeah, it's a bit seamy to recruit a pimply 13-year-old, but when in Rome....

Kevin Koger’s father told us stories of a catholic program that was after Kevin since he was a freshman at Toledo Whitmer: offering a great education, great sports programs, and great facilities, along with helping with the tuition of attending the school.

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